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do-it-yourself investors


The more you know, the more you earn


I show you how do I use my investment tools to get additional revenue flows

Smart personal finance +

save to invest to

be financially happy

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Buy properties without the hassle with the real estate crowdfunding

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Peer to peer lending investing is one of my best tools

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Here I write about my strategies to invest Do-It-Yourself

I save

I successfully manage my investments


..I just try hard to stop selling my time for money


Don’t get me wrong,

my ultimate goal is not money, but freedom


You probably trade your time for money, everyone does somehow


That’s fine, but why not build some additional revenue 

streams independent from your work?


I think passive income is “To do” now, in order to get some Financial Peace “later on”


I’m learning to achieve it, and you can learn it too

Creating a passive income online for me does not mean playing Russian roulette with my savings

Here, you will read about all the tools I use to take calculable risks while obtaining high returns

If you’re looking for inspiration and want to read about strategies to implement today then you are in the right place

Financial happiness is my goal, and I’m not far

What about you?


As you can see three popular elements are missing here!

  1. The countdown to my independence day

  2. A photo of a MacBook on a tropical beach

Why’s that?

I love people who use countdowns, but I just think some numbers can’t be my vision or mission.

Working from the beach is uncomfortable. I can still see the sea from my window.

Now that you know you are on the right website, go ahead and read the most useful resources I share like:

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All I wanted to know about P2P investing is here. I am copying the strategies and…so far so (very) good


What I like the most on this blog is that there are no ADS. Information is first hand. It is helping me to understand the process of investing long term.

Marie F.

On this blog I could find many of the answers I was looking for about P2P. True is good, even if he answers to my questions via email only after very looong time…thanks anyway

Oliver F.

I didn’t believe I was able to invest on my own. Now I do it and it starts to feel rather good (I am still a beginner).

Judith P.

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