Should I Buy Amazon Stock Now? (Wait!) Good Buy or not?

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Is it too late to buy Amazon stock NOW?

⚠️ Read this article if you think that you should buy Amazon Stock NOW.
Today I’m going to show you exactly whether it still makes sense to buy Amazon shares or whether it’s too late.

I will be comparing Amazon share price predictions from the best investment analysts in the world, so you won’t only get my opinion on Amazon stock but the opinion of those who move the markets.

At the end I will also show you how I can buy Amazon shares to make money (if it is a good buy).

In this comprehensive Amazon 2024 guide I will also cover:

  • Should you buy Amazon shares in 5 years from now?
  • The Amazon dividend 2023 (how generous is it?)
  • The truth about Amazon’s profitability

But also:

  • How do I buy Amazon shares today (easy way)
  • Which brokers offer Amazon shares with zero commissions
  • is the share price fair or overvalued?
  • …is it too late to buy Amazon stock now?

Are we sure it’s a good time to invest in Amazon?

amazon stock forecast

Bonus: I’ve added the fundamental and technical analysis on Amazon made by the by the world’s top analysts.
In short, there’s a lot of stuff.

Let’s get started now!

Warning: this is not investment advice but just my personal opinion based on data, statistics and also tests done by me.

So, why invest in Amazon today?

(fast answer) (AMZN) has been listed on the stock exchange since 1997, when it was worth USD 18. Today it is worth around USD 150.
It has been one of the best long-term stocks in the history of the stock market. In the last 10 years the stock price has risen more than 1000%, so it has been much stronger than the strongest index in the world, the S&P 500.

Put another way, €10,000 invested in the e-commerce giant a decade ago would now be worth around €200,000 today.

Given the size of the company, it is only natural that investors wonder whether it can continue to grow or not.
At least…I do.
Well, Amazon could continue to grow, or at least, that is the most widespread opinion.

SO, is it too late to buy Amazon stock NOW?

⭕️ Top opinions on Amazon Shares (forecast)

I have collected for you the most authoritative opinions (ratings) from the world most authoritative agencies on Amazon shares.

I would like to point out that it is not possible to make accurate stock market forecasts. What is possible, is to leverage the “wisdom of the crowd” and try to understand price direction in the medium term.

Here is an excellent chart from the Wall Street Journal explaining how many financial analysts recommend Amazon shares:

amazon opinions wsj
Source: WSJ

44 analysts out of 51 today have rated Amazon shares as a “buy”.

It is not wise to trust stocks predictions blindly, but this is quite interesting, isn’t it?

📈 Amazon stock price forecast 2024

As you can see, I do not dare to make predictions.

I don’t do stock price predictions or recommend investments but I collect precious data from around the world.
What I do (so that this article comes in handy) is share with you my research on Amazon’s price predictions.

One more thing to know: Normally shares go up in price when their capability or earning money is expected to increase.

Here is the earning growth forecast for Amazon:

amazon earnings growth prediction


Here’s a also valuable chart from “investing website” that pulls together Amazon stock prices predictions for this year made by :

amazon target prive forecast reliable

According to the 31 experts who have made AMZN stock price predictions, the stock will increase in value.

The 31 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Amazon Inc have an average target of $173 USD.
The most optimistic estimate is USD 215 and the worst price forecast is USD 110. If the “average” estimate from financial analysts comes true then Amazon is set to rise about 20% this year.

Earnings release of this stock is always a big moment to understand the market sentiment.

Is now a good time to buy Amazon stock?

Is Amazon a buy now or not?

According to analysts, at current price yes, it is a good stock, but this is a long-term move .

The financial health of the company is not in doubt and the CEO Andy Jassy seems to be the right person at the right time.

amazon good time to buy

AMZN stock is clearly in a consolidation phase. However, since it posted quarterly earnings, its relative strength line has flattened and then declined. This relative strength line measures the price performance of a stock relative to the benchmark index for all of us, the S&P 500.

Usually, a stock’s relative strength technical indicator confirms or defers to higher levels in these situations. Amazon would not currently be a clear buy, and it is not too late to buy Amazon stock however, it should definitely be watched.

In any case, over the last 20 years it has been difficult to get the timing wrong because the Amazon stock price has almost always gone up together wit its market capitalization.

🛡 Is it safe to invest in Amazon?

Amazon is an extremely solid and diversified company at the moment. This suggests that it is relatively safer than others. If we consider it a safe bet, maybe it’s not too late to buy Amazon shares now.

I mention the term “safety” but don’t take my word for it, because investing in shares is never “safe”, even if we are talking about Amazon, which is one of the biggest and strongest stocks in the world. It is not safe 100% and, taken alone, it is not the best investment ever.

In the last quarter 2023, Amazon’s net income amounted to almost 6.7 billion USD, up from the previous quarter.

During the second quarter of 2023, Amazon recorded a staggering net sales of approximately 134 billion USD.

Amazon intangible assets in 2023 were approximately 22.785 billion USD, so Amazon posted a growth also on this side.

Amazon’s next ernings date is in October and most analysts expect Amazon to surprise again, even if high interest rates may be affetting the business.

How much to invest in Amazon?

One of the most important things you need to think about before investing is how much money you can afford to put into Amazon shares today.

The answer should never be “all the money I have”. This is because the stock market is considered a dangerous and long-term investment.

how many amazon shares

So, if it is not too late to buy Amazon stock, how much to invest?

Traditional financial experts generally advise against buying any stock with money you think you might need within the next five years. Before buying single stocks, it is also wise to make sure you have an adequate emergency fund and to save consistently.

Most brokers do not allow for stock splits, so one single Amazon stock prices about USD 130 or more. This is something to think about.

Some short-term investors prefer to wait after the earnings date to buy more shares.

☞ The risks of investing in Amazon

Are Amazon shares safe?

Investing in single shares is never a safe investment, here are the biggest risks around Amazon stock:

  • Uncertainty about future profits: Amazon operates on very tight profit margins: Amazon it is extremely profitable now but it has not always been the case. In 2012 and 2014 it lost money while growing.
  • Slowdown in profit growth: Amazon’s growth has been spectacular. It should be remembered, however, that this growth is slowing down.
  • Competition: Competition is Amazon’s toughest operational risk. The retail industry is immensely competitive and Amazon’s competitors are no slouches. Amazon is winning the battle, but it is still a battle.

Whoever investe in single stocks should have a good risk tolerance.

Why am I buying more Amazon shares?

I invest on the basis of simple convenience. The risk-benefit ratio has to be on my side, otherwise I don’t risk it.
That’s why I invest in long-term in ETFs, collect hundreds of payments from P2P loans, buy fractions of real estate online, and more.

Investing in individual stocks is something I’ve done for years, and to this day I keep building my portfolio of stocks.

Amazon is one of them, and now I’ll explain why.
I don’t underestimate the fact that Amazon, at the moment, is not considered a very ethical investment (and I keep looking for more sustainable alternatives) but still, I think it is valuable purely from an investor point of view. Amazon’s success is not in dicussion. Delivering consumer products at good prices ad fast is something that did not exit before.

Freedom24 is a NASDAQ-listed broker with high interest on the uninvested cash.

This European stockbroker, offers more that 1 million investment options at the major exchange of USA, EU and Asia. In addition, Freedom24 clients can earn up to 8% p.a. interest on the uninvested cash with the fixed-income savings plan.

Current promo: 30 days zero commission trding for new clients. (Read more)

Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. Please note: investments always involve risks. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

When is the Amazon dividend date?

When will Amazon pay dividends?

Sorry, the Amazon stocks you’ve just bought will not pay a dividend this year!

That’s it, you read that right, Amazon doesn’t pay dividends and they’ve never paid dividend in the past.

dividend amazon

What does it mean that Amazon does not pay dividends?

Amazon does not share the happiness of making huge profits with its shareholders. Click To Tweet

Why doesn’t Amazon pay any dividend?

Amazon does not pay dividends (even though it is a profitable company) because it prefers to use the money to keep growing. Many argue that as long as Jeff Bezos is around, there will be no dividends. He recently stepped down, so maybe, a dividend will come one day.

So why not prefer companies that pay me to invest instead of Amazon share?

I strongly suspect (along with many analysts smarter than me) that Amazon will start paying dividends within the next 5 years.
At that point, upon the announcement of a Amazon dividend coming, the stock will (presumably) experience a further climb (…and I want to enjoy it).

Not receiving dividends means no chance to automate some compound interest.

Monthly returns with Amazon?

Buying Amazon shares does not give you the right to receive any monthly or even annual guaranteed returns.
The reason is written above. Amazon does not pay dividends, does not reward or thank its shareholders.

If I want a monthly income from Amazon, I should consider working to earn money online, maybe using Amazon’s platforms.

The same applies to those investing in Google stocks. There is no dividend and no monthly return.

📽 Video Amazon stock on Youtube

To understand what it means to invest in Amazon shares I think you need to understand what Amazon does as a business.
If you thought Amazon was just a big e-commerce company I think you were very wrong.

In this YouTube video on Amazon it is well explained what does it means to invest in Amazon in 4 minutes:

Can You Still Invest In Amazon Stock Now? (2020)

On this video on Amazon I really like the completeness on all the various Amazon businesses in the final part.

Technical analysis of Amazon shares

To predict the Amazon stock price trend and decide whether to buy, I can use technical analysis.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is based on past price movements of a stock to predict future ones.

I consider technical analysis to be quite reliable over certain time frames. Like weather forecasts, sometimes they get it right and sometimes not. A good technical analyst can predict price direction most of the time. Technical analysis can help analysts and therefore investors anticipate what is quite likely to happen to prices over time.

To make this article on how to buy Amazon shares even more useful I decided to share the result of technical analysis from someone authoritative.

Here is the stock analysis on amazon from TradingView:

amazon forecast price

I am passionate about technical analysis of financial markets so I could happily fill this article you with charts and graphs on Amazon stock. However, I think today’s focus is a different one, namely to get an idea on whether to buy amazon stock. The Amazon stock forecast is for a month, not a year.

These above are the results of hundreds of analyses done on Amazon stock, but don’t be 100% confident because they can all be wrong. Always do your research before investing.

Don’t trust me and don’t trust predictions 100%

Fundamental analysis of Amazon

If it is too late to buy Amazon stock we can tell it from its fundamentals.

Fundamental analysis looks to the numbers and history of the company for data to predict the future of a share price.

As you can see, everyone wants to know the future price of the stock, because knowing it can make us a lot of money. Correctly predicting the Amazon share price can help to make some money.

Let’s simplify.
Here is a chart summary of the stock analysis on Amazon:

analysis amazon

The fundamental analysis we see above on amazon clearly says that Amazon:

  • is a healthy company
  • has no problem making profits
  • is growing strongly
  • has reached very high stock market values
  • does not offer dividends (yet)
  • expectations of share growth are high at the moment
  • intrinsic value is also given by their MOAT
  • company’s outlook is great

Amazon Web Services is contributing a lot to these good numbers and current quarter was amazing.

Amazon also have 48 physical stores, so it is ready to expand if they want to.

Where do I buy my Amazon stocks?

(fast answer)

To buy stocks I use many different brokers.

If I was not too expert, I’d definitely go with a popular choice that is easy very to use.

I find Freedom24 a decent choice, it is serving Amazon with low commissions and it is easy to use.

Remember, it is not the only broker, so do your research and read the Freedom24 review.

⚠️ This article is for information and educational purposes only. RevenueLand is NOT an investment advisor. Readers should not consider this publication to be an offer of personalised investment advice. Any future investments should be discussed with your financial advisor. Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

3 reasons to buy and hold Amazon shares

The company is led by the founder

Studies have shown that stocks of companies led by a founder tend to do good. So it is good that Amazon is led by Jeff Bezos, the very man who founded it in 1994.

Online shopping continues to grow strongly worldwide

Amazon is already the global leader in online shopping. In 2019, e-commerce sales accounted for 13% of all retail sales worldwide, up from 12% in 2018. Competitors are Alibaba, Mercadolibre and a few more (the stocks mentioned are not to be meant as a recommendation).

Amazon is not just the world’s largest shop

Amazon’s cloud computing service is a powerful money maker and it’s called Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ok, but what is AWS?

Here is the answer to what is ASW (also for investors):

What is AWS? | Amazon Web Services

Note: RevenueLand does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell any particular stock or security.

How to buy Amazon stock?

Now that I have defined why I want to buy stocks from this company, I need to find the safest and most convenient way to invest.

This is a basic guide to buy Amazon shares for a beginner. If you are not a beginner than you probably already own amazon shares or you’ve traded some in the past.

So, what is an easy way to buy amazon stocks?

Here are 3 ways to invest in Amazon shares:

  • Go to your physical bank (expensive)
  • Buy Amazon shares on any online bank (watch out for costs)
  • Invest in Amazon shares through some of the best stock brokers in Europe (safer and cheaper choice. I do this ⭐️)

Amazon does not pay dividends, so, to make money from the Amazon stocks it is enough to buy some shares today and wait to sell it to an higher price (if price goes up).
If I buy 1 Amazon share today and then sell it back after some time (when they may have gone up in price) I may get a “capital gain”. Basically I will have made money by trading shares. It is not difficult.

Most advanced traders can do trade Amazon Options on the best option trading platforms in Europe.

⚠️ This article is for information and educational purposes only. RevenueLand is NOT an investment advisor. Readers should not consider this publication to be an offer of personalised investment advice. Any future investments should be discussed with your financial advisor. Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

So, is it too late to buy Amazon stock NOW for you?

Should I buy Google stock now?

Let me know in the comment area!

FAQ Amazon stock

Is it too late to invest in Amazon?

Amazon shares were worth $18 in 1997 and now over $140. Many investors did not buy them because they thought it was too late. For now the Amazon stock price forecast is optimistic.

Where can I buy Amazon shares?

Physically at the bank, through home banking or even through certain cheap online brokers.

Should I buy Amazon stock?

Amazon shares have been extremely cheap over the last 10 years. Today, they are still a good deal, but certain aspects need to be studied.

Is Amazon stock a good buy?

I believe Amazon stock is a good buy. This opinion is supported by the study of dozen of experts in finance.

How much to buy Amazon company?

To buy the Amazon company today you need 1,27 trillion dollars (its market capitalization). Moreover, Amazon net income is rising.



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