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XTB Review +4,2% (Tested for 2 Years) Opiniones? Read This Before Trading

xtb review

After exploring XTB myself for two years, I’ve noted both strengths and areas where they can improve. In this XTB Review you’l find out the truth from a real investor and a trader. Starting off in Warsaw in 2002, XTB has become a well-known name with operations not only in the UK and Europe, but […]

Best Options Trading Platforms Europe 2024

Best options trading platforms Europe

The best options trading platforms are finally here in Europe and good tools are now no longer exclusive to the US. Options trading is reserved for the shrewdest and most experienced traders.The potential profits from options are huge (and so are the losses).To make money trading options, you need a powerful and affordable tool from […]

Is Jepi a good investment? Review +7,26% (Greed is Good) safe long term ETF?


In this JEPI ETF review, we will immediately see whether it is a good investment, or yet another trap for greedy people. It is true that this is a rather new ETF, but the returns and the investment house that invented it are both fascinating. Are you looking for instant cash flow for your money?Then […]

High Yield Savings Accounts Europe: Best Deposit +8% 2024 (My experience)

High Yield Savings Account Europe

High yield savings accounts in Europe are finally back after 13 years. I always keep some of my money in a high-yielding deposit account because it is a wise and relatively safe choice. Be warned: this period of high interest on deposit accounts in Europe may not last forever. It is good to take advantage […]

Scalable Capital Review: I Tested it! +4% Is it Good & Safe?

Scalable Capital Review

At the end of this review of Scalable Capital you will know everything you need about this new broker. Come with me: I will analyse convenience, commissions and ease of use: the results of my personal test with Scalable Capital broker. TL;DR Scalable Capital Review in short: Scalable Capital has encountered some criticism, evidenced by […]

Is Robinhood Available in Europe? Alternatives & Similar trading App also in UK

Robinhood Europe

The popular broker RobinHood is available in Europe right now but only for crypto investors. Robinhood is also available in the UK with full services. Let’s see why Robinhood is not completely available in Europe and when it will arrive. TLDR summary: Why Robinhood is not available in Europe? Robinhood, the famous no-fee trading app, […]

Should I buy Google Stock NOW? Forecast: is it a good investment?

Should I buy Google Stock NOW

So, you want to know whether Google is a good investment or not. So I’ve done something for you. I’ve put together all the recommendations and analysis on GOOGL from the world’s top investors and financial analysts. I continue to buy Alphabet shares at this price, read why I do it. Is Alphabet Inc. stock […]

Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Europe 2024 ⚠️ Platforms to Avoid

Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Europe

⚠️ Warning: Not all Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms in Europe are good for investors. In this article, I list the best European real estate crowdfunding platforms of 2024 based on my personal experience as an investor plus the opinions of hundreds of users. The best part? Beyond the list, I will give you a step-by-step […]

MoneyFarm Review & Performance (Tested) ⭕️ Is it safe in the UK?

MoneyFarm Reviews

In this Moneyfarm Review you’l find ALL you need to know before starting, plus my personal point of view as a MoneyFarm investor myself. Is it true that Moneyfarm is performing much better than its competitors? I have also put together all the bad and positive moneyfarm customer reviews in the UK. If you live […]

Robocash Review: The Truth, Pros & Cons (Scam or Legit?)

Robocash Review

You might have noticed that most Robocash reviews online are pretty good. Why is that? Is Robocash a good P2P lending marketplace, or they are just collecting investors disappointed by Mintos and Bondora? I’ll tell you about my direct experience, my test, and all that I could find about Robocash reputation online. Let’s dive into […]

Bondora Vs Mintos Vs Estateguru Vs Peerberry Vs IUVO [Explained]

Mintos Vs Bondora Vs IUVO Vs Estateguru

This is a complete comparison between Bondora Vs Mintos. Since there are also great P2P websites I know well, I’ve also included Estateguru, Peerberry and IUVO in this comparison. These are the most popular P2P lending websites in Europe. I will try to define which is for me the best peer to peer lending tool […]

European Dividend Aristocrats: Best Dividend Stocks Europe (Ranked) 2024

European Dividend Aristocrats

In this article you will find out exactly which stocks are defined as European dividend aristocrats, i.e. the absolute best dividend stocks in Europe. For me, these are European stocks to keep in your portfolio forever, given their spectacular track record. Come with me. Key Takeaways: The European Dividend Aristocrats List Here are the 40 […]

Best Stock Brokers Europe ⭕️ I tested them x You (Trading Apps + ETF)

Best Stock Brokers Europe

❌ Warning: choosing the best stock broker in Europe is NOT easy.The reason is that there are dozens of them and most are US stock brokers that you cannot use in Europe. I have personally tested dozens of global trading platforms and have had experience with most of them.As you can imagine, most of these […]

eToro Alternatives & Competitors (surprise) + Similar App & Websites

eToro Alternatives

I have personally tested dozens of trading platforms and today I will explain which are the best alternatives to eToro. These are undoubtedly the best alternatives to eToro today in my personal experience: Is Freedom24 the best alternative to eToro? Because, like eToro, it is the only platform in Europe that allows investing in the […]

Best Compound Interest Investments Ideas & Examples [Ranked]

best examples of compound interest revenueland

Here are the best compound interessi investment ideas you can find. How can you live without knowing what generates compound interest? I have prepared the final list of proven investments that generate compound interest.Instead of explaining again the compound interest formula here, I focus on how to apply it to investments. What are the best […]

Scalable Capital Vs. Trade Republic Comparison: Which one is Better?

Scalable Capital Vs. Trade Republic

I have compared Scalable Capital vs. Trade Republic: Who is the best neo-broker in town? They are the cheapest neo-brokers on the European market and even pay interest on your capital, but who is better? Scalable Capital vs. Trade Republic is the question many investors are asking themselves! I took a close look at the […]

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