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★ Estateguru review 2020 → Avoid High LTV ➔ My real 11,1% return

estate guru review opinion revenueland

True rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Risk: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Average return: 12,04% Easy to start:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   Go to EstateGuru website to see the properties I wonder why EstateGuru has so many good reviews and not even a bad opinion I have a clue now EstateGuru is the biggest real estate crowdfunding in Europe excluding the UK and it keeps […]

Iban Wallet – Review [Beware, it’s not a savings account]

Iban Wallet Review

You are going to read everything about Iban Wallet The ugly truth and also the benefits Iban Wallet is not a deposit account. Period. Iban Wallet is quite new, it is a very “hands-free” investment service, but there are things to know WHAT IS IBAN WALLET? Iban Wallet is a website and an Android / […]

Reinvest24 – What is real estate equity? (Vs. P2P lending)

Reinvest24 Review revenueland

I don’t usually write about small platforms but Reinvest24 intrigued me and, although I’m not yet an investor, I keep an eye on it for the future What is Reinivest24? Reinvest24 is a website where I can invest in real estate properties online without paperwork and hassle. I can do it according to a concept […]

Is P2P Lending safe? A daring risk comparison


My dream is to invest without risk Unfortunately investing is never 100% safe Peer to Peer Lending is anything but safe ( wish🌶it was) ..but it can be transparent Let’s find out if investing in P2P loans is safer than other forms of investment and if P2P lending is safe or not ⚠️ Warning: I’m […]

The Bondora Review 2020 after 4 years + 13% [video-setup]

Bondora review revenueland

Bondora has been generating very good passive income to thousands investors for 9 years already. ▶︎ Yield can exceed 15% yearly, but…you’d better follow this set up instructions first. It is powerful, don’t rush and use it wisely! My review on Bondora and my safe set-up. Is Bondora better than Mintos or Twino?

★ Mintos Review after 4 years ➔ My 31.499€ experience 2020

Mintos Review opinion from RevenueLand

True rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Relative safety:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Average return: 11% 31.499€ in 30 years? 721.084€ Go to Mintos website now Mintos Review from RevenueLand To know before investing Mintos allows me to invest in thousands of loans worldwide straightforwardly. The average loan interest ranges from 6% to 19%. I spread my investment on a good number of loans. […]

How to invest like a digital nomad (and where to pay taxes)

Invest like a Digital Nomad revenue land

Digital Nomads often feel smarter than the average population but …when it comes to investing they have “a bug” ➕ How should a Digital Nomad invest his money (or salary)? How many Digital Nomads are planning their retirement? And what about tax? If you are a Digital Nomad and you don’t know how to invest […]

Why investing in startups can be a bad idea

why-invest-startups rocket launch

The “average Joe” wants to invest in startups because he knows he can become a millionaire with a limited investment Is that true? Sure, it is. But.. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide if startup investing is good for you and how to do it properly. Startup investing is potentially one of […]

Would you invest €1 million in Grupeer? Interview with Grupeer CEO Alla Kisika

how to invest one million in grupeer revenueland

I asked Grupeer CEO: Would you invest 1 million € in Grupeer? Let’s read the answer in this upside-down interview! Alla Kisika from Grupeer 16th July 2019 What is Grupeer in few words? Grupeer is a P2P investment platform offering business loans and development projects all in one place. What are the advantages for investors? […]

Is Mintos safe? 🔧 Beginners epic fails + 7 Psychological traps [Scan your portfolio]

mintos-safety-p2p-lending revenueLand

How safe is Mintos? How to make it safer? How to avoid allocation mistakes?   Here I report 7 typical P2P investors’ mistakes and my own Mintos allocation   The best part? ✅ I’ll give you instructions to find out if you’re unbalanced  + some actionable Mintos tips & tricks   Until now I have peacefully lent 136.580,84 […]

DIY investing → How to invest money by myself [I offer myself the best advice]

Ho to invest money

Reading time: 19 min. Gathering information to learn how to invest our own money should not be so difficult Actually, it is My two goals: writing a complete guide on “how to invest money D-I-Y” & make you walk out of this page with something actionable (if not, I failed) I consider generating cash flows that are […]

➜ How I setup Mintos “Auto Invest” in ⏱ 1 minute (Strategy to get +12% interest)

mints review strategy promo

▶︎ 10k€ invested can generate roughly 1k€ per year ✅, without much supervision. Mintos auto invest can make “passive income generation”. Here is a 🕐 quick set up guide to Mintos Auto-Invest. ✅ An unbiased review and how I use Mintos for interest above 12% (choosing rather safe Mintos loans)

Bondora secondary market optimization procedure ➜ How to sell defaulted loans to unlock performance

How to sell defaulted bondora loans switch to go e grow

How to sell my defaulted Bondora loans? Who can benefit from a Bondora secondary market restructuring procedure? What to do with late P2P loans? I’ve never hidden my enthusiasm about Bondora P2P. I know how to use it and how to lower my default rate to the minimum. I make  steady profit with Bondora together with […]

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