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Best Options Trading Platforms Europe 2024

Best options trading platforms Europe

The best options trading platforms are finally here in Europe and good tools are now no longer exclusive to the US. Options trading is reserved for the shrewdest and most experienced traders.The potential profits from options are huge (and so are the losses).To make money trading options, you need a powerful and affordable tool from […]

High Yield Savings Accounts Europe: Best Deposit +8% 2024 (My experience)

High Yield Savings Account Europe

High yield savings accounts in Europe are finally back after 13 years. I always keep some of my money in a high-yielding deposit account because it is a wise and relatively safe choice. Be warned: this period of high interest on deposit accounts in Europe may not last forever. It is good to take advantage […]

Is Robinhood Available in Europe? Alternatives & Similar trading App also in UK

Robinhood Europe

The popular broker RobinHood is available in Europe right now but only for crypto investors. Robinhood is also available in the UK with full services. Let’s see why Robinhood is not completely available in Europe and when it will arrive. TLDR summary: Why Robinhood is not available in Europe? Robinhood, the famous no-fee trading app, […]

Estateguru Review: ⭕️ +10,2% My 19,386€ Experience (is it safe?)

Estateguru Crowdfunding Review

This is my Estateguru Review based on my direct experience on the platform. Thinking of investing in real estate online, from your computer? Well, I did it and it worked. I’ve also made a global summary of what investors think about this tool. What is EstateGuru? EstateGuru Crowdfunding is a marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans. […]

Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Europe 2024 ⚠️ Platforms to Avoid

Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Europe

⚠️ Warning: Not all Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms in Europe are good for investors. In this article, I list the best European real estate crowdfunding platforms of 2024 based on my personal experience as an investor plus the opinions of hundreds of users. The best part? Beyond the list, I will give you a step-by-step […]

MoneyFarm Review & Performance (Tested) ⭕️ Is it safe in the UK?

MoneyFarm Reviews

In this Moneyfarm Review you’l find ALL you need to know before starting, plus my personal point of view as a MoneyFarm investor myself. Is it true that Moneyfarm is performing much better than its competitors? I have also put together all the bad and positive moneyfarm customer reviews in the UK. If you live […]

Mintos AutoInvest Setup: ⏱ 1 minute +9% [Best Strategy]

Mintos auto invest revenueland

▶︎ 10k€ invested can generate roughly 1k€ per year ✅, without much supervision. Mintos auto invest can make “passive income generation”. Here is a 🕐 quick set up guide to Mintos Auto-Invest. ✅ An unbiased review and how I use Mintos for interest above 12% (choosing rather safe Mintos loans)

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