Bondora Go and Grow Review: 4%* What is the risk?

Bondora P2P Go & Grow 4% How to setup + my review

Here is a clean Bondora Go & Grow review

Go & Grow 4% is probably the easiest way to invest in P2P lending


Go and Grow Bondora is a simple investment strategy available with this P2P lending platform.

Until now if I wanted to buy Bondora loans I had to go through the sleek “Portfolio Pro” or the basic “Portfolio Manager“.

Now the Bondora Go & Grow 4%* is here and I want to know if it is worth my attention or not!


🚫 In 2023, after 7 years of investing, Bondora closed my account.

The official reason was that I had not provided an adequate KYC.

No hard feelings, in the end the 4% they were offering no longer interested me.


In this Go & Grow review you find my direct experience with this P2P platform and a comparison with all other investing website like Bondora.


What is Bondora Go & Grow?

What is Bondora Go & Grow_

Bondora is a peer to peer lending investment platform and Go & Grow is a way to use it.

What does the Go & Grow do?

The Go & Grow portfolio will manage my investment in Bondora. It will do it by buying loans on my behalf.

What do I get?

An investment tool where the interest rate is capped to 4%. I start to earn money from day 1.

Can I exit the investment?

Yes, anytime without losing the interests accrued.

Portfolio pro Vs. Go and Grow:

I start to say that I always use Portfolio Pro since it allows me to get the risk profile I want without too much thinking. My average annual yield is above 10/13%. I always avoid the lowest rated Bondora loans since I know the risk is too high, and the debt collection may take ages.

Bondora Portfolio Manager is not accurate, but it is a very fast way to start and deploy some capital in high revenue loans. It is a simple tool for beginners or for people with little time to spare.


Bondora Go & Grow may be a good tool for beginners, but also for those who want to lower their risk profile without too much thinking.

 ❌ From 2022 the only way to invest with Bondora is trough the Go & Grow 4%.


Are money always available on Bondora?

The promise is the permanent availability of the invested capital on Go & Grow

Investors are able to withdraw their capital at any time at the moment. This is something really new and very interesting for people willing to invest fast and efficiently without facing the learning curve any tool brings with.

Video Bondora Go & Grow Youtube

In this YouTube video it’s explained how to cash in instantly from Bondora Go & Grow.

Go & Grow – Faster liquidity

I am a Bondora investor and I cashed in money multiple times from Bondora without any issue so far.

Ordinary investors on Bondora have to sell their loans before transferring their cash to the personal bank account, Go & Grow investors will always have the money available to them.

I won’t be popular saying that it is not a good thing. Why? Because long term investing is perfect until we don’t withdraw money. Being allowed to do so can be worse and lead into “temptation”.

One more thing that I don’t really love about this product is that approximately 50% of the loans are E and F class. It should not touch me, but doing so I have to acknowledge that I am potentially investing in medium to bad credit.

Lower interest rates Go&Grow

As you can imagine there is a price to pay for such a comfort. The downside here is the lower interest rate. This is set to 4%* capped for go & Grow users.

Since we know that Bondora has some of the highest interest rates of the P2P lending, experienced users may (understandably) be not very interested, for now and could stay with the Portfolio Pro tool.

plant growth wateringBondora go e grow
How safe is Bondora go & grow 4%?

The average Bondora user normally earn between 8% and 20%, even if most people just hover around 11% yearly.



Bondora is not risk-free and it will never be, but this new tool is undoubtedly a cool one especially for newbies. Investing this way your capital stays at risk as it does with almost any investment.

Bondora also says the 4%* yield is not guaranteed, but they are very confident with this calculation. They stress the fact that it is absolutely hassle-free and automated, without any management fee.

Taxation is much easier with Go & Grow Bondora. They say investors are supposed pay tax exclusively when withdrawing money back to their own account.


To sum up, with Go & Grow you can:

  1. Earn 4%* / year (True ✅)

  2. Invest without complicate settings (True ✅)

  3. Have instant liquidity (True ✅ in normal market conditions))

  4. Have a diversified portfolio (The loan portfolio composition is not disclosed)

  5. Only pay tax on withdrawal (in some countries) (True ✅)

  6. Share the portfolios with people you care (True ✅)

bondora go&grow pros and cons

Go & Grow has advantages and disadvantages. I find clever the “gamification of saving” on this table!

Playing Go & Grow game

The most clever way to use Bondora Go & Grow is to do it for:

“Retirement” or “Rainy day”.

Invested money should be not used before they reach the end of their “journey” so it is safer to set a far away date. The farthest away is 20 years.

As a matter of fact, the name of the Go & Grow portfolio cam be changed with anything and the result is the same.

Bondora Go & Grow review after 20 years

This applies to old investors that still benefit the 6,75% yield.

If I apply for Go & Grow:

  1. Starting with 0 €
  2. Contributing with 500€ savings per month
  3. Keep doing this for 20 years

At the end of the investment I will have:

  1. Added 120.000€
  2. Earned 126.679€
  3. Final money 246.679€
Go e grow after 20 years progress
20 years progress with go & grow (only old investors with 4%)

How to migrate to Bondora go & grow


It’s enough to create a new Go & Grow and click on “Add Existing Investments”. Doing so we authorize Bondora to sell our loans and liquidate our portfolio (even if for a lower amount ⚠️). The amount will be invested in your Go & Grow.

Go & Grow for Late Bondora loans

Some old Bondora users during the years may have built up some late (probably high risk) loans.

There is nothing bad, since a part of those Bondora late loans will be recovered. In many cases also late interest fees are applied. If one is not willing to wait, this is normal. Migrating to go & grow can be a good idea to get back to profitability, but it comes with a price.

Alternatives to Bondora Go & Grow

Bondora Go & Grow Vs. Mintos Invest & Access

It is not easy to decide if Go & grow is better then Mintos Invest & Access, since the latter has been released very recently.

What is sure for now is that there are huge differences.

The main one is the real immediate access to the invested money.

Even if with Mintos, as an investor I can get higher average interest, I also may be forced to wait some months to get my full capital back. In fact the new Mintos formula works very differently from Bondora Go & Grow.

With Bondora Go & Grow interest is capped to 4% but I can virtually cash in 100% of my invested money instantly.  

This aspect is not particularly attractive for me, since I see P2P lending investing as a very long term thing. I also understand that it is one more angle to consider for many investors.


Conclusions Bondora Go & Grow review

Bondora go and grow review

Go & Grow is one of the easiest ways to invest in P2P because there is no need to know much to activate the investment.

BTW, it is always good to understand how things work and I hope this go & grow review was clear enough.

When I use Go & grow, a good share of the loans in D-F rated. I don’t like it but I don’t care much since I’ve read T&C and I know Bondora is a profitable company so far. I always keep an eye open on their financials and try to keep this Bondora go & grow review updated.

This is to say that Bondora Go & Grow is not risk free. It is a decent product from an old and navigated P2P lending loans providers.

I am investing is multiple P2P lending platforms and I consider Bondora an old glory.

Unfortunately, nowadays the 4% they offer to new investors may not be a good reason to start.

Visit Bondora website to acknowledge the terms and the risk statement.

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What do you think of Bondora Go & Grow (review)


“As with any investment, your capital is at risk and investments are not guaranteed. Before deciding to invest, please review the Bondora risk statement or consult a financial advisor if necessary.”
*The yield is up to 4% per year.

NOTE: The indications contained in this analysis are to be considered mere information tools and do not intend to constitute in any way financial advice, solicitation to the public savings, suggest or promote any form of investment.

Check out Go & Grow Bondora by yourself

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23 thoughts on “Bondora Go and Grow Review: 4%* What is the risk?

  1. David Soares says:

    I was planning in joining Bondora, this new feature was the final push!

    Let’s see how success I will get now 🙂

    • Revenue Land says:

      Welcome! Nice question! If I’d need to migrate from my Go&Grow to Portfolio Pro I’d just sell my Go&Grow, since liquidity is guaranteed there. What I would absolutely do beforehand is: 1- Suspend any active auto-withdrawal. 2- Suspend Portfolio manager if running (if you see ⏸ it is running, if you see ▶️ it is paused). 3- Start a good Portfolio PRO!

  2. Mike some money says:

    I’m doing fine with go&grow, I know I can make 10% instead of 4% blablabla but I am lazy, ok

  3. Salah UAE says:

    WIth goegrow I don’t pay tax until I cash out in my country that is why it is better of anything else for me. follow me

  4. Hanna H says:

    Started last year after reading this post.
    Promise kept.
    4% before tax per year, that is good.

  5. Hyusgy says:

    Just started go e grow. The interface says 10k will become 36k in 20 years. I will keep you updated

  6. Mountain Yassuf says:

    This go e grow is doing its job. 6,75 no questions. I invested 9000, I will add more next year.How much do you invest

  7. sonia reis says:

    Para curiosos, partilho também a minha opinião. Os meu resultados com 3 meses de bondora

  8. matias says:

    I keep my spare cash on bondora since 2019. 1€ withdrawal fee to cash out is ok, I cash out less often and it’s ok.

  9. Girlinvest says:

    I signed up but did not find the push to deposit some money yet.
    Can I use a credit card and deposit as little as 100€?

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