How I set-up Mintos “Auto Invest” in ⏱ 1 minute (Strategy to get +12% interest)

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How to use Mintos Auto-invest?

WHat is the best Mintos strategy?

Today I am going to share with you my effective Mintos Auto-invest setup.

Time needed for the configuration: 1 minute ⏱

The best part?

It isn’t as complicated as it seems to setup Mintos.

In fact, once the setup is done, it will work for me without much supervision.

Mintos is different from many other peer to peer tools because → it doesn’t have its own loans

Mintos allows retail investors to invest in loans originated by more than 64 lending companies around the globe

My workflow with Mintos:

  1. Signup to Mintos

  2. Transfer money

  3. Setup my custom autoinvest strategy (≅11%)⭐️⭐️⭐️ (safest way)

  4. In alternative (or together) I activate “Invest & access” (≅12%)⭐️⭐️⭐️ (easiest way)

  5. In alternative (or together) I can buy loans manually⭐️(NERD’s way)

The main difference between the “Mintos custom strategy” and “Mintos invest & access” is:

  • The custom strategy allows me to fine-tune on the loans and lenders I want

  • The “Invest and access” will buy current loans protected by buyback

The second method is totally automated.

I use both.

Why to use Mintos

I am always in search of the best P2P lending platforms available.

Top P2P Lending list and ratings
My job is online trading but I also enjoy pick out loans and P2P tools.

I like comparing benefits and characteristics of every tool, and some years ago I came across Mintos and here I report what I found out.

At that time Mintos was a rather unkown, small and fast growing.

Mintos is now a profitable business (data 2019) and is the biggest P2P lending player in Europe.

This two elements are very important to me. Size and profitability.

Mintos average net annual return for investors 12.03%
Mintos average net annual return for investors 12.03%

Recently I wrote a long and extensive Mintos review read by thousands of investors worldwide.

Since I focus a lot on safety rather than maximum yield, I have also explained what is my safest way to invest with Mintos and how to avoid some beginner’s mistakes.

I don’t go for the maximum yield. ( I am the right penguin, or the penguin on the right..)

How to choose between “invest & Access” strategy and “Custom Strategy”?

I will make it clear for you.

Lately most investors go for the “Invest& access”.


Because it is easy, it doesn’t require any knowledge. It is enough to type in the amount I want to invest and I am done.

What do I get with “Invest and access”?

  • Approximately 12% interest rate on the money invested
  • Money available to be cashed in even if invested

What do I get with a “Custom strategy”?

  • Fine-tune on lenders and loans
  • Approximately the same interest rate (11%)
  • Money available only if I sell it on the secondary market or when loans are repaid
  • Possibly a safer setup

I don’t recommend anything, I am not your consultant, but ask yourself if you are ready to have a more active role or not.

For a totally hands-free investment “Invest & Access” can be better.

In order to understand better how it works, it is good to have both.

I have most of my money in the “custom strategy”, but I an becoming a P2P nerd, so ..forget about me.

And what about the Manual investing?

Only real P2P NERDS go for Mintos manual loan picking, so if you have a girlfriend or you like sports...forget about manual investing! Click To Tweet

This is my best set-up and one of my own Mintos strategies

One thing I like about Mintos is that I can spare it a few minutes (one-off), set-up Auto Invest, not having to worry about it for months.

Autoinvest will connect my money to new loans, cashing in interests and reinvesting in a loop. I can also intervene frequently and have a more active role if I’d like.

After some years now I still use Mintos with profit and no loss.

Screenshot from my own Mintos investment

Mintos portfolio revenueland
I am happy with my Mintos investment so far.

Compare P2P websites

How to start with Mintos peer-to-peer?

I started by signing up and making a deposit in Euros, my main currency.

I would not invest in other currencies for now (maybe GBP in the future).

Currencies available are: EUR-GBP-RUB-CZK-PLN-DKK-GEL-RON-SEK-KZT.

At the moment, US citizens cannot register as investors at Mintos.

US investors are, however, allowed to invest with Bondora and other high interest European P2P lending tools.

mintos deposit currencies safe risky
To invest with Mintos I had to deposit money on my Mintos account. It was rather scary because I didn’t know yet if they were reliable or not.

How to transfer money on Mintos account

I can transfer funds to my Mintos account from my bank or e-money account.

Transfers in EUR can be done using ordinary SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers.

Money transfer is normally very cheap ( it was free for me) since Mintos in not in some exotic country of in a fiscal paradise. Currencies other than EUR  can be transferred by using money transfer service.

What does Mintos do?

Mintos simply connects investors and loan originators of various types and from various countries. It unites numerous lending agencies, and it provides us a considerable and organised collection of loans to take part in.Returns go from 6% up to 18%… Click To Tweet
mintos how it works infografic promo code
This is how Mintos works

To sum up: someone asks for a loan (for example, they buy a TV in instalments), the lending agency grants it, and then it puts it on offer on Mintos; I can take a slice of it and receive a slice of the interests while the loan is repaid.

Mints advantages risky safe
Mintos made a complex process accessible to people. This is why is so popular.

Why people are investing on Mintos? High rates? Critical mass? Both?

Mintos has on offer loans from many countries, this allows me to diversify my investments in a geographical sense. I prefer not to invest in exotic currencies since the exchange rate fluctuations can impact a lot on my outcome.

 How Mintos works his best loans originators
Mintos has a variety of originators from many countries

This is what I’ve discovered investing on Mintos

I didn’t have to pay to use it.

It’s useless to fool yourself that there is something free in this world, and Mintos is a profit-based business, but a typical fault of banks is to make you pay to invest, then pay to manage, and finally even to pay to exit the investments.

Fin-tech exists to cut intermediation costs and Mintos seems indeed to try to do that.

Auto Invest, deposit and withdrawal is free. It is natural that there is a risk is associated with such high returns, it would be naïve not to realise that, but in these days and time it is still possible to ride the wave by taking the proper precautions and by continuing to follow this blog, I will let you know in due time if anything changes.

 Download free my P2P lending checklist Mints vs bondora Download free my P2P lending checklist

Mintos auto-invest in 1 minute

This is how I setup Mintos custom strategy (auto-invest) step-by-step

It’s rather easy to start, I’ve just needed 5 steps:

  1. Register to Mintos

  2. Make a free bank transfer to the specified account

  3. Select the Auto Invest called “Custom strategy”

  4. I filter out Currency / BuyBack / Low rated lenders

  5. If I want, I can also select Amortization method / Investment structure / APR

After completing this 5 steps I’ve started to see the cash-flow few days later.

To be honest, I was surprised.

It was just few euros per day, but it was working. No tricks or misunderstandings.

Promise. Delivered.

  • My money was invested in hundreds of loans in € and the borrowers were paying (to me) the installments.
  • Principal and interests were flowing to my account and got immediately reinvested in new loans.
  • After years of investing it still works for me and interests are compounding [That was my goal]

I am able to transfer the money that is not lent to my bank account just anytime. Obviously money invested is not immediately ready. If I want it I have to sell the loans first and then cash in.

No, I didn’t trust Mintos at the beginning, read what I did.

Since I know the web is full of scams, right after signing up I tried to transfer a small test amount back to my bank, just to make sure all worked fine.

All worked properly and so I made my next bigger transfer a few days later in order to get many more loans.

 Mintos is easy to set up promo bonus
The above scheme is from Mintos website. The 4 steps I followed to receive my daily payments (not monthly)

The borrowers pay monthly, but since I have several hundreds loans I receive daily payments from many of them (My account section).

How did I activate Auto Invest?

This is a tool that makes users’ life easier.

Was I said, the alternative would be buy loan by loan manually or use the latest “invest and access”.

I set-up the filters as I prefer and the system will do the rest, without additional interventions. This step was smooth, too.

I still keep an eye on my auto-invest settings from time to time, I just make sure there is no cash left on the account (it happens sometimes).

Now Let’s see how I set up Mintos in 1 minute!

My step-by-step process on how I set up Mintos to lower the risk and to optimise revenues Click To Tweet

That’s exactly what I did for my first Auto Invest test that is still working today.

I’ve also built some much more complex and selective setup through my proprietary algorithm. There are much more details in the newsletter and in the e-book.

Everything I do in these steps is reversible and editable in the future, so I am not afraid to make some test portfolios in order to learn.

I set a low limit to my first portfolio knowing I was able to raise it later on.

Moreover, I can create many portfolios with different characteristics and I can make them work simultaneously.

Before continuing, I now invite you to repay the effort and the research I have put in writing this article: just share this post!

It costs you nothing, and it is great for me! Thank you!



As soon as I open the Auto Invest I have two choices:

  • One is “Mintos investment strategies”
  • Another is “Custom strategy”


No secrets, I prefer the “Mintos Custom Strategy” Click To Tweet


 Mintos 3 auto-invest custom setup diversify best strategy promo code
I can chose between the 3 ready-made strategies or a “custom strategy”. I like the latter best.


As soon as I open that page I am asked about the currency of the loans I want, I set EURO (11 different currencies are available).


At this stage I can set up more options, and some of this are crucial:


  1. Loans originators. It is important to diversify but also safe to avoid the smallest and weaker lending companies (my own list is on my Peer-to-Peer lending checklist, and updates are found in the newsletter)

  2. Country 30/30. I leave ALL selected. Even if some 2nd/3rd tier countries should pay much more than 12/13% interest ⚠️

  3. BuyBack Guarantee 1/2 I select “yes” only buyback. This will prevent the system to buy loans without guarantee. There are really few buyback-free loans in Euros for now, anyway.

  4. Rating. This is a rather new filter. Useful but I prefer to rely on different research, data and testing also outside Mintos Either way it can be ok to exclude C and D ratings, just to make it simple at the beginning. (But, wait. Are Mintos lender ratings fair?)

At this stage I can even choose the “loan status” of the payment, and the amortization method.

I like to have “Current” loans and “Full” amortization method.

Also keep in mind that direct loans can be better than indirect loans.

I have to do this last two setup one-by-one, even though this passage is NOT essential ↓

 How to select loans on Mintos
How I select my loans on Mintos

The other filters require a more complex

evaluation. Most people just skip it at the beginning.

Amongst the last questions, I find the “return rate” I want, and the “loan terms”.

I don’t want to be greedy and setting the minimum return to 7% is ok to me.

I know that setting the minimum beyond 10% will reduce the variety of loans I’m going to get, and diversification means safety.

Safety is always my first concern when investing.

 Interest rates and duration of Mintos loans
Interest rates and duration of Mintos loans

I find it wise to lower the length of months on the scale by moving the bottom pointer a bit (to the left).

This is another measure to lower risk. 80 months are ages in terms of investments. 24 months is a very conservative measure and it could lower my returns and my diversification.

2019 update: Longer durations are not a real problem anymore. Mintos now has a very liquid secondary market where I can sell one or all of my loans.



The last selection has 4 easy questions.

 Mintos portfolio size best originators
The “investment in one loan” can be smaller but I realized 20 to 60€ is reasonable for me if I know what to buy and what to avoid.


Portfolio’s name.

Any name will do, I’ll be able to change it whenever I want, anyway. I normally write some details that make me easy to remember what’s inside it.

Portfolio size can be any number I like

If I will have transferred €10000 to invest all of it automatically, I could create a €10000 portfolio, or two €5000 ones. Or any number I like. I’ll be then able to cancel it or to edit every anytime.

The top-right question, ‘do you want to reinvest?’, asks you if I prefer that the money generated by the system is automatically re-invested in other loans, or not.

This is crucial.

I choose YES because I want the maximum automation on this investment and if I want to enjoy the magic of compound interest.

This allows investments to grow considerably as I generate ‘returns on the return’. In this way, I won’t have non-invested money on Mintos as the loans are “repaid”.

The second question on the bottom-right is “Include loans already invested in”

This is a less relevant point, but I normally select NO. This allows a bit more diversification.

Should I experience cash drag on Mintos I may try to switch to yes.

The third question is relevant!

I have to “Diversify across loan originators“, so I opt for YES.

(This is also an achievement. I personally invited in many occasions Mintos strategic department to allow investors to make sure distribution of loans among originators was the widest possible, and having this selection available now does make sure you get this goal).

I need to make sure the total is 100% and maybe overweight the best loans originators.

Who are the best loan originators and the originators to avoid is in the newsletter.

 Diversification on Mintos setup safe risky
My diversification take into account the size, the reliability and the geo of the best Mintos originators.

Finally, I will state how the investment should be split. “Investment in One Loan

The minimum may be €10 or even less, the maximum for me does not exceed €60 (in the right box I set the max).

I accept by ticking ‘Assignment Agreements’, then I press the blue button ‘Save and Activate’.

I’m done!

I’m active on Mintos.

Was it difficult? Not much.

I enjoy a growing capital on my account that I monitor from the ‘Overview’ and ‘My Investments’ menus.

Should I opt to get an additional stream of income (instead of piling up the money generated) I should select “NO” when I am asked “do you want to reinvest” in this final step.

This way the money I earn from the loans go into the “available funds” area, ready to be withdrawn.


Compare P2P Lending

Mintos News [Invest and Access 2019 release]📌

As mentioned above, Mintos “invest & access” have been released recently.

It allows to be invested but also to keep my capital available to withdraw anytime (…yes, invested but also liquid).

Interest rate is about 12%.

I will write about it soon because I believe it may be of interest for Mintos investors that don’t have much time to spare to setup a custom autoinvest.

Keep in mind that to add funds on my “invest & access” existent portfolio the right button is “change target” and not “add funds”!

I lately wrote about my personal Invest & access test.

Mintos is offering 1% cashback program for a limited time.

Should you want to sign up too, this is the link I’ve used to register on Mintos


Do share this article with whoever needs it, it’s a nice way to say “thanks for writing it”

Many customers on a trusted reviews website are a rather good proof of genuinity, but we always keep a vigilant eye on it.

Remember, even if Mintos is a good choice at present, all p2p lending activities are not risk free. Of course Mintos is spelled with an “I” and has nothing to do with Mentos and Mentos and coke

trustpilot mintos reviews opinions
Mintos has excellent reviews and opinions expressed on Trustpilot (read it). Good reviews are also written by people not familiar with it and some of them… did not even read this post before investing…
Curious about how I invest in alternative ways?
Read the new “How to invest money” essential guide on RevenueLand.
  • Do you have any questions or suggestions?
  • Have you tried this or another successful setup?
  • Did you know already about “Mintos Invest and Access”?

Your comment is very welcome!

This blog is for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice.

NOTE: The indications contained in this analysis are to be considered mere information tools and do not intend to constitute in any way financial advice, solicitation to the public savings, suggest or promote any form of investment.

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19 thoughts on “How I set-up Mintos “Auto Invest” in ⏱ 1 minute (Strategy to get +12% interest)

  1. Otto Hoffmann says:

    I have color printed your p2p checklist and going to add funds to Mintos this way. How to switch from Mintos preset strategies to custom strategies?

  2. Toni Gamble says:

    Really interesting but can someone please explain to me how this guy (link below) is making 19%+ yearly returns on the P2P platform Mintos after all fees/costs in EURO??! He talks about some interesting strategies but wanted to hear some outside opinions too.

  3. Thor says:

    I don’t understand why you offer your e-book for free. I bought a course on P2P last year and there was less actionable stuff of what I found in you little PDF

  4. Helpful says:

    I have read this post. Perhaps you could write more about this topic because I am interested. Can I ask you questions? I follow your FB, downloaded your e-book

  5. Hannah says:

    Is Invest and access better than this auto-invest?
    Is it really possible to cash in money instantly?
    Also partially?
    Thanks for reporting your experience

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      Hi Hannah, welcome. It is different.
      Invest and access can be a good starting point to invest “hands off”.
      Instant money withdrawal is possible but only the current loans will be sold immediately.
      Approximately 80% of Mintos loans are current.
      The rest of the loans (let say 20%) will go in the buyback process or will just will be current again.

      I’ve made a test to invest (invest and access) and then sell everything to check Mintos liquidity. It worked great (details in the next post), but all loans were freshly bought, ergo current.

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      Honestly I do like Invest and access for ease of use. Not everyone is willing to use Mintos custom strategy (above), I know. Money (almost) liquid and accessible while invested at 12% is amazing. BTW, with the above setup I can keep a better control of my loans and select duration, pick originators and much more. I do both.

  6. Toni A. says:

    How many Aforti loans will I have got with this custom strategy instead of “”Invest and Access”?

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      From the limited data I have “invest & access” did not overweight Aforti. Using the “custom strategy” above it would depend on the setup. I am extremely satisfied with my Mintos setup that is safety-oriented rather than max-yield oriented. Only 0,2% of my loans are with Aforti (2 loans=67€). Since I’ve had the umpteenth confirmation that my setup works well, then I will soon disclose my Mintos originators rating and my personal asset allocation on Mintos. Any feedback is welcome, Toni.

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