How to invest with October (Lendix) to make 7% profit [updated review]

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 lady madame long hairLendix how to use it
Rime Arodaky is young and very pretty, she has just obtained 174,000€ for her business. In order to understand how Lendix works, we’ll talk briefly about her.



Who do we lend the money to on October?


Rime has a delightful blog where she showcases her creations; her business has her own name.

She designs extraordinary bridal dresses and she wants to enter the old market of bridal wear with an innovative offer. It isn’t easy, but she has an iron will and she swears she know what she’s doing. She already has a considerable experience in the sector and by reading what she writes and by visiting her blog, you’ll really want to invest in such a brilliant idea.

So Rime finds credit, Lendix acts as an intermediary and whoever has means to invest and adopt Rime’s idea comes into play with 7,75% returns. If everything goes well, everyone wins.

 Variety of projects on Lendix
Variety of projects on Lendix


How does October/Lendix work?


Lendix/October is a credit service available for businesses and private citizens, where both parties can benefit.

In short on October we find Business Loans.

For the businesses, the benefit is finding sustainable credit outside the banking system, while for the investing users, the main attraction is high interest up to 9,9%. Similar products can be: Flender, Linked finance, Smartika, LendingClub, FundingCircle.


The best alternative I found so far is Flender, an Irish tool for business loans.

The British alternative is Founding Circle Uk.


Also Mintos has some European business loans on offer up to 13% yield.

What is Lendix P2P default rate?


The average default rate once gone through the amount of Lendix’s projects is shown in the tables below.

They are reasonable numbers, even not too exciting on higher risk loans. The statistics and the data available on the website are updated monthly.

Lendix has French origins, is amongst the biggest companies in its sector – as for now, it is surpassed by Funding Circle.



Here are the statistics from 2018:

 lend risk assesment
This is the default rate statistics from Lendix website in 2018. Numbers look much nicer than now in 2019 even if not totally comparable


And here are the statistics about default rate (the number I value most) in 2019:

Statistics are not excellent for the highest grade loans. This table refers to the number of late loans, not the volumes.


One more time here I note that when using P2P investment tools is normally much safer to reduce exposure on the highest risk loans.


The website is extremely well done and pleasing to navigate; many statistical data are available, but to get in the detail of the most interesting numbers I needed to have an intense exchange of emails with Lendix.

october type of dangerous loans
When I test new fin-tech tools, I always take care of making sure to know the liquidity of the system. Before investing, I always try to learn what would happen to my capital if I needed to opt out of the investment before its expiry date. October is much more liquid than before.

I thus searched information about a possible secondary market on which to sell my financed projects; unfortunately, Lendix doesn’t offer this opportunity yet.

This means that if, for example, you commit to finance a project that returns the capital within 24 months, then you will choose to use a capital that you won’t need for at least 2 years.

 October Lendix website deals risk advantage loans
Landix offers many business deals


The variety of the projects is increasing greatly and, unlike other platforms of Venture Capital and of Crowdfunding, these are all understandable and detailed.

We find chemical businesses, restaurants, bakeries, textile products, innovative brushes, inventions and mature startups – you really want to trust in many of these and the presentations are appealing.


 How risky is Lendix and business p2p? October rating categories
How risky is Lendix / October and the business loans? Here are the rating categories.


The message on the homepage that warns us about the risk is clear:

Warning! Lending money to businesses involves a risk of capital and it requires locking up your savings. Don’t borrow sums of money beyond your ability to repay.”

The risk to lose capital exists, because it is clear that, despite the very good intentions and the rigorous selection that Lendix does on the posted businesses, the likelihood that some of them won’t repay does exist.


Opinions on October/Lendix


 Lendix October reviews are not bad
Users’ opinions about Lendix are almost all in French and the majority of the projects are French. For now, Lendix has an excellent rating on TrustPilot.



In my opinion, October P2P is really promising, but for now the returns aren’t high enough to justify risks that in some cases aren’t really estimable with certainty. Click To Tweet

The projects with shorter length are more appealing and it is reasonable to invest only residual amounts on C ratings.

I also find it amazing to be able to get passionate about an entrepreneurial idea and to strongly finance it, while at the same time knowing to be doing well for your own country by injecting resources right where they are needed, in the real economy.


Lendix charts positive numbers happy investors
How many investors on Lendix? The numbers is growing fast at October.

October/Lendix P2P key numbers for prospect investors


  • Default rate: 6,05% of loans, 2,38% of volume

  • Amount lent: €305,611,015.23

  • Defaulted capital: €7,292,780.51

  • Rate of return for investors: 4,61% (after defaults)

  • Number of projects funded: 627

  • Number of active lenders: 18000

  • Minimum investment €20


How to invest with October P2P

  • I filled up the initial form
  • I confirmed the data in the email they sent me
  • I uploaded the needed documents like the ID card

How to transfer money on October P2P

Credit card transfers are available

Ordinary bank transfer are possible

Lendix/October alternatives

Best alternative to Lendix/October for me is

Their default rate is stil extremely low (0,7%) and yields are around 10%.

Lendix Vs. Envestio

At this time I believe October is older, bigger and more transparent than Envestio. In my Envestio review you can see that the latter has higher yields compared to October /Lendix, but it has also less appeal for my standards now.

Lendix Vs. Flender

Flender is my pick for now, even if it is much smaller and geographically limited.

Why do I like Flender P2P?

Because of its (actual) 0,7% default rate.


Final consideration and my opinion on October

October is big, rather established and popular in Europe.

I believe it is really helping small and medium enterprises to do business. At the same time it is bringing some value to investors even if interests ara nothing to call home about.

What I really love about October is the honesty in showing detailed numbers. Their statistics page is the best I’ve ever seen. Transparency is crucial in peer to peer investing and they know that.

Secondary market is missing and provision fund has not not been implemented yet.

Auto invest not available. 


October offers a 20€ bonus for those who wish to register from this link when investing at least 500€. There is still, then, a considerable barrier for those who wanted to just try it out, precisely because you can’t quickly opt out of the investment.

Whoever wanted to make sure they can sell and opt out of the investment within a reasonable amount of time, can get more information about Bondora (in 24 languages, P2P loans, high returns), or Mintos

They are still all tools to invest long-term.


Here is a list of good crowdlending and crowdfunding websites.

Are you happy with October? Tell my your opinion in the comments.

Have you tried other business tools like Flender (great) and Envestio? How is it going?

Why can’t I have a total guide to investing money? Here it is.

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NOTE: The indications contained in this analysis are to be considered mere information tools and do not intend to constitute in any way financial advice, solicitation to the public savings, suggest or promote any form of investment.

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5 thoughts on “How to invest with October (Lendix) to make 7% profit [updated review]

  1. Investorr says:

    I am testing October and Flender.
    Flender is absolutely better with 0 default and also + 15% deals
    October has lower rates and more late loans x now.
    I was already investing on Flender prior to your Flender review, mate!
    💪🏼I am proud of this💪🏼

  2. Janet Kohl says:

    You are right. I stopped adding funds to Lendix some years ago. Flender has few deals but high quality I like it more. Crowdestate is nice and Iuvo too

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