Should I buy Google Stock NOW? Forecast: is it a good investment?

Should I buy Google Stock NOW

So, you want to know whether Google is a good investment or not.

So I’ve done something for you.

I’ve put together all the recommendations and analysis on GOOGL from the world’s top investors and financial analysts.

I continue to buy Alphabet shares at this price, read why I do it.

Is Alphabet Inc. stock A Buy?

We often tend to think that buying shares in large companies is always a good idea.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

is it worth buying alphabet stock

Some big listed companies have gone downhill, others have exploded in price and profitability.

So, is it worth buying Alphabet stock?

Today, Google shares, which are listed under the names GOOG and GOOGL, are under the Alphabet inc umbrella and are for many reasons a clear ‘BUY’.

Come with me and see why they are worth buying and, most importantly, the time horizon.

Google price forecast compilation from top analysts

Here is a list of opinions and predictions on Alphabet’s share price.

I have collected all the GOOG price targets so that it is easy to see whether or not the GOOGL stock is worth buying at the current price.

Remember that these are only Alphabet share price predictions, so they are no guarantee of success.

Google share price forecast: Analysts’ projections

Let’s see what CNNMoney’s financial analysts’ opinion on Google stock is.

Of the 49 CNN Money analysts who provided their 12-month price projections for Alphabet Inc, the median expected value is about 150.00.

The highest projection stands at 200.00, while the worst is 121.00. This median estimate indicates a growth of about +10.36%, compared to the most recent price of 135.92. (Source:CNNMoney).

google price forecast

Let us now see what the analysts at TipRanks think about GOOG.

Based on the ratings of 36 Wall Street analysts who provided their 12-month price forecasts for Alphabet Class A collected by TipRanks, the average price forecast is $150.67.

This forecast ranges from a high of $200.00 to a low of $121.00. The average price target indicates a 10.18% change from the most recent price of $136.75.

Here is the GOOG price prediction:

price prevision chart google alphabet

⚠️ This article is for information and educational purposes only. RevenueLand is NOT an investment advisor. Readers should not consider this publication to be an offer of personalised investment advice. Any future investments should be discussed with your financial advisor. Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Google stock price predictions 2022 to 2025

Google stock price predictions

Here is a summary table of Google’s share ratings today according to the world’s top financial analysts:

ResearchAlphabet Price Target – HighMedianLow
CNN Money$200$150$121
Alpha Spread$210$151$122

Alphabet Fundamental Analysys

Here are the highlights of the financial analysis of Alphabet inc, Google’s parent company:

Alphabet Fundamental Analysys

#1 Alphabet Google’s earnings per share (EPS)

EPS is a measure of the company’s profit divided by the number of shares outstanding.

Google’s EPS trend over time should be observed, as well as how it compares to the EPS of other companies in the same industry. A growing EPS indicates that the company is generating more profit for its shareholders.

#2 Google Revenue

Google’s revenue is a key measure of the company’s performance, as the vast majority of Alphabet’s revenue comes from Google. It is important to track quarter-over-quarter revenue growth, as well as Google’s revenue diversification into different areas, such as advertising, cloud computing services, and hardware.

#3 Google’s profitability analysis

Google’s profitability is a key aspect of financial analysis, as it indicates how the company is using its resources to generate profits. In this regard, it is necessary to consider the company’s profitability in terms of operating margins, return on equity (ROE) and return on assets (ROA).

It is crucial that these indicators are stable or improving for the company to be considered a sound investment.
Before investing or trading GOOGL stock, it is essential to conduct a thorough financial analysis of the company by yourself.

This includes studying its balance sheet, tracking its revenue growth and analyzing its marketable securities and profitability.

It is also important to compare Google’s financial situation with that of other companies in the same industry to determine its position in the market.

I went to ChartMill to see what its analysts thought of the stock we are analysing today.

goog fondamentale analysis
  • The final rating is 7/10
  • Alphabet is considered financially healthy
  • It receives a very high profitability rating
  • The growth rate is also solid at current prices
  • Market capitalization is 1,7B USD, one of the biggest market cap ever
  • In essence, GOOG is a quality stock


Earnings per share (EPS) serves as a pivotal metric when contemplating an investment in GOOGL stock.

This figure is derived by dividing the company’s profits by the total number of outstanding shares, offering investors a clear insight into the return they can expect for each share they hold.

In Google’s case, EPS has consistently proven to be a reliable indicator of its financial performance over the past decade, although there was a dip in 2022 due to fines imposed by the EU for antitrust violations.

During the initial quarter of 2023, the EPS was recorded at USD 1.17, a slight decrease from USD 1.23 in the same period the previous year, but it exceeded expectations.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that while EPS is crucial, it should not be the sole factor influencing an investment decision regarding Google shares. Other variables such as overall earnings, share price performance, market capitalization evolution and a comprehensive analysis of the market are equally essential for gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial health.

Alphabet Inc. Class A Common Stock is estimated to report earnings in October.


Certainly, let’s continue with the rewritten version of the previous text:

Over the last decade, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has hinged its impressive revenue growth on a steadfast commitment to online advertising. The most recent earnings report underscores this fact, with advertising emerging as the primary revenue generator, raking in $54.54 billion—a figure in line with the previous year’s earnings.

Alphabet’s overall revenues, in a broader context, saw a 3% increase, reaching a total of $69.78 billion.

While the advertising focus has borne fruit, Alphabet is not resting on its laurels. The company is actively investing in novel ventures and emerging technologies to diversify its revenue streams.

However, Alphabet has encountered its fair share of challenges. Notably, the first quarter of 2023 saw a dip in profit, plummeting to $15.05 billion—a stark 8.4% decline compared to the previous year. This decline was partly attributed to the expenses incurred from a plan to reduce its workforce by 12,000 employees.

Nevertheless, Alphabet remains a pinnacle of innovation and success on the global stage, with an ongoing commitment to seeking fresh opportunities for expansion in the foreseeable future.

In the second quarter of 2023 earnings date, Alphabet reported a shoking net income of over 18 billion U.S.D. Cash flow was also growing.


Google’s performance in the stock market has been truly remarkable.


Over the past five years, the company has consistently maintained an impressive average operating margin of 25.2% and a Return on Equity (ROE) of 18.51%. These figures solidify its position as one of the most profitable stocks in the market.

Moreover, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has outlined its ambitions to invest significantly in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). This strategic move is aimed at competing with industry giants like Microsoft, who recently made a substantial multi-million dollar investment in OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

In line with this commitment to artificial intelligence innovation, Google has introduced Bard, an intelligent chatbot based on generative ai. Bard is designed to provide users with high-quality and up-to-date answers, demonstrating Google’s dedication to staying at the forefront of AI tools advancements.

Google Stock technical Analysis

Now let us see how GOOGL sees the Tradingview site.

Google Stock technical Analysis

If I switch to some shorter time frame I can get indications useful for trading this stocks.

tradingviev goog

Should I invest in Google or not?

In recent years, Google stock experienced an upward trend that was interrupted in early 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 to the business world.

Should I invest in Google or not?

During that month, the share price fell by 33%, falling back to the level that had been as support and resistance on several occasionsin the past.

However, Google’s stock managed to rebound and began an almost vertical uptrend, reaching a new all-time high around $150.

Alphabet Stock Split implications on price

Google recently conducted a 20×1 stock split of its shares, following in the footsteps of other large companies such as Amazon.

The decision to do the split was largely due to its high share price, which hovered around $2,300 just before the split.

The goal was to make the stock more affordable for investors, thus removing a potential barrier to entry.

  • The Alphabet Stock split had two main consequences: first, the stock price was reduced by a factor of 20, making it more accessible to the investing public.
  • Second, the number of shares on the market increased by a factor of 20, meaning that each investor who owned one share received an additional 19 shares.

Generally, stock splits attract a larger number of investors, which can lead to an increase in the share price in the short term.

As a result, many analysts believe that this is a good time to trade Google, as the stock famous for the internet search can be purchased at a lower price and there is the potential for the price to increase in the future.

However, past performance does not guarantee future returns and that any investment always carries risk.

How much to invest in Alphabet?

How much we invest in Apphabet shares depends on how much we believe in the growth prospects of this company and the industry as a whole.

How much to invest in Alphabet?

It is no mystery that Alphabet is investing a lot in artificial intelligence, but lately some big AI-related stocks in the sector have been falling off.

In principle, given Alphabet’s numbers, investing (or trading) should be a pretty safe bet, but we are still talking about stock market investments, so there is very little that is safe.

Returning to the question ‘how much to invest in Google’, I believe that one has to use common sense and treat this stock little better than any other stock. Therefore, I would not invest more than 3-5% of my portfolio in individual stocks, to avoid concentration risk.

Freedom24 is a NASDAQ-listed broker with high interest on the uninvested cash.

This European stockbroker, offers more that 1 million investment options at the major exchange of USA, EU and Asia. In addition, Freedom24 clients can earn up to 8% p.a. interest on the uninvested cash with the fixed-income savings plan.

Current promo: 30 days zero commission trding for new clients. (Read more)

Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. Please note: investments always involve risks. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Why am I buying more Alphabet stocks?

Transparency note: I own stock of GOOGL in my portfolio.

I have been accumulating Alphabet shares for many years.

I periodically buy some as soon as the valuation seems attractive, the digital advertising dep. and its cloud computing business department are doing very well.

When is Google dividend date?

The GooGle/Alphabet ex-dividend first date is June 2024 because the company has just started distributing dividends.

❌ Monthly returns with GOOGL

There are ❌ no guaranteed monthly returns for investors beside the little money we get from dividends.

Monthly returns with GOOGL

Alphabet started distributing part of the earnings to its shareholders in 2024.

If you find scam advertisements on the Internet advising you to invest for monthly returns with Google, beware.

GOOGL Stock: Justice Department Files Suit

The US Department of Justice recently filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, over its online advertising business.

The Department and eight other US states accuse the tech giant of illegally abusing its dominance in digital advertising and violating the Sherman Antitrust Act.

According to the lawsuit, Google “has corrupted legitimate competition in the ad tech industry by engaging in a systematic campaign to seize control of the wide range of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers, and brokers to facilitate digital advertising,” the lawsuit states.

This is not the first time Google has been accused of monopoly, but the question is: ‘could these legal actions jeopardise the growth of the stock on the stock exchange and thus my investment’?

I believe Alphabet is prepared to respond to these accusations and also to those arriving from the European Union.

It is possible that they know very well what they are doing and know that they are walking on thin ice.

What’s The Difference Between the Stock Tickers, GOOG or GOOGL?

Class A (GOOGL): Publicly traded. One vote per share.
Class B: Restricted to company executives.
Class C (GOOG): Publicly traded. Non-voting.

Should I buy GOOG or GOOGL?

As with the share classes of other companies, such as Berkshire Hathaway’s two share classes, for the small investor there is no practical difference. Currently, Alphabet generally uses Class C shares to compensate its employees.

Should I buy GOOG or GOOGL

No difference whatsoever for stock investors.

Waymo Autonomous Vehicle Business

Waymo, a spin-off of Google’s autonomous driving project, achieved an unusually high number of public interest goals lately.

Google is considered by many experts to be an industry leader. In fact, the company took a big step by making rides in driverless vehicles available to anyone using its Waymo One transportation service.

Launched in 2018, Waymo One is the first robotaxi service in the US, though it is only available in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

What price did Google stock start at?

It has been 19 years since Google went public. It took the company founded in 1998 six years to do so, but since then it has not stopped growing.

At that time Google shares were trading at 85 US dollars. Now cost tens of thousands. No one knew it would become a technological colossus. And no one could imagine what the same share would be worth almost 20 years later (the best investment ever).

Google did not want to go public. It had to do so because US law requires companies with more than 500 shareholders to do so.

Although they chose this alternative, they could also buy back shares from their own employees. This would have reduced the shareholder membership or be a company that presented financial statements but did not sell content to the public. Choosing neither of these two, time proved him right.

On the morning of 29 April 2004, it announced that it was going public. It was a risky strategy, as there was no proliferation of technology companies at the time.

Investing in GOOGL stock did not guarantee anything; in fact, the shares were in demand at a much lower price than its creators estimated. The company estimated that each share would be worth between $106 and $135, but before the imminent exit, they received lower bids.

This made executives nervous, and they considered halting the IPO until the situation improved. Recommendations from financial experts discouraged buying the shares, stating that they belonged to an unstable and recent sector. Nevertheless, they decided it was time to go public, so they did so at a valuation of $85 per share. The company was valued at $23 million.

How do I buy my Google stocks?

Determine your investment objectives and the level of risk you are willing to tolerate.

Google stock can be purchased on a variety of online platforms, depending on the type of investor you are and the amount of money you wish to invest.

  • Create a brokerage account with your chosen platform.
  • This usually involves providing your name and address, as well as other information such as your social security number and bank account details.
    Fund your brokerage account with the amount of money you wish to invest in Google stock. You can do this by sending a wire transfer from another financial institution or by direct deposit.
  • Select Google as one of your trading options on the platform where you opened an account with your best broker in Europe.

I mostly use Freedom24 for US stocks because it gives me direct access to those markets.

Read the Freedom24 review to find out more on my broker test.

This will place an order to buy GOOGL stock based on the current market price at that time. With my broker I always get the best execution.

Monitor your investment over time and reallocate assets as needed to maximise returns and minimise risk. Although Alphabet stock has performed very well in recent years, it is important to understand that investment performance is not guaranteed. This is not an ultra safe investment and that there is always high risk of loss when trading or investing in stocks.

⚠️ This article is for information and educational purposes only. RevenueLand is NOT an investment advisor. Readers should not consider this publication to be an offer of personalised investment advice. Any future investments should be discussed with your financial advisor. Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Where to buy Google stock?

When buying Google stock, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Broker reputation. It is essential that you choose a reputable platform to buy and sell your shares. Look for companies with a track record of providing quality customer service and competitive pricing.
  • Types of shares available. Depending on the type of stock you want to buy (e.g., common stock, preferred stock, etc.), different platforms may offer different options.

Make sure the stock exchange or brokerage offers the type of stock you are looking for in order to maximise your profits.

Different exchanges and brokerages have different fees and commissions associated with their services that may affect your profits. Be sure to research and compare the fees associated with each platform before committing to one.

What are the best platforms to buy stocks of Alphabet?

My best trading platform to buy US stock DIY now is Freedom24.

⚠️ This article is for information and educational purposes only. RevenueLand is NOT an investment advisor. Readers should not consider this publication to be an offer of personalised investment advice. Any future investments should be discussed with your financial advisor. Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Video on Google Stock forecast on YouTube

Here is a good video that expleins if it makes sense to invest in GOOGL stock:

Why Google Stock Will TRIPLE --- Alphabet Stock Investment Analysis (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google Financial Results

In the second quarter, Alphabet, the technology behemoth, exceeded market expectations by reporting revenues exceeding $74.6 billion (approximately €67.38 billion). Profits were totaling €16.622 billion, marking a notable 14% increase.

The impressive performance was primarily driven by the robust performance of Google’s advertising ( AD spending is increasing worldwide) and cloud computing businesses. This has propelled the revenue of the parent company of Google and YouTube.

For the first half of the year, Alphabet raked in over $33.419 billion in earnings, equivalent to more than €30.180 billion. Google cloud platform and its cloud business in general is driving in good results.

A Brief History of Google Stock (internet search)

Google Stock is a multinational technology corporation that originated in 1998, founded by Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

A Brief History of Google Stock

Initially known as “Backrub,” the project shifted its focus to web link analysis and was officially renamed Google in September 1998. Google’s innovative search engine algorithm quickly gained popularity due to its superior accuracy and relevance in delivering search results.

As the tech giant expanded, it diversified its portfolio by acquiring various technology companies to broaden its range of services.

In 2004, the company conducted its initial public offering (IPO) and became publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GOOG.

Today, Google Stock stands as a prominent technology conglomerate offering a diverse array of products and services. Beyond its renowned internet search engine, the company provides Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, and Android, among other services.

Additionally, Google has ventured into hardware development with products like Pixel smartphones, Home smart speakers, and Glass smart glasses. The company is also a significant player in the fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil,” underscores its commitment to ethical practices to providing useful and accessible services globally.

Is Google a good stock to buy?

At current price I believe Google is a good stock to buy even at the actual price.

is alphabet to buy

GOOGL stock have been one of the most profitable stocks over the last few decades, there is no doubt about that. Market share is impressive, even in the European Union and Asia.

Google has been one of the winners of this new technological era and this is reflected in its business and stock market results.

What happens is that the situation becomes more complex as the years go by, as competition and threats increase, as well as new opportunities.

There have been major changes in the technology and legal frameworks in which this company operates. Still, the growth rate has been impressive.

Is it safe to invest in Google?

Google is a large-cap company with a strong balance sheet, steady revenue and earnings growth. According to most financial analysts (see above) the search engine company is among the safest technology companies to invest in for the long term. It is like real estate for tech investors.

To trade Alphabet shares without exposing oneself too much to the volatility of stocks like this, one can also trade ETFs.

Many ETFs that replicate the performance of US stock market indices include a percentage of Google shares. Even robo-advisors will probably include GOOG of ETFs that include GOOG.
Investing in ETFs that include Google is easy, just search for ‘ETF holdings that include Google’.
The ETF that contains the most Google shares is the PNQI ‘Invesco NASDAQ Internet ETF’ Holdings in GOOGL of about 8.02%.

⚠️ This article is for information and educational purposes only. RevenueLand is NOT an investment advisor. Readers should not consider this publication to be an offer of personalised investment advice. Any future investments should be discussed with your financial advisor. Freedom24 is a CySEC authorised broker and member of the ICF with protection up to a maximum of €20,000. It is important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Google Stock Forecast in 5 years

Here is a beautiful table with the Google price forecast in 5 years and more:

google stock in 5 years

CoinMarketCap predicts that Google’s share price in five years will be around USD 297, an increase from today’s value of 117%.

Reasons to buy and hold GOOGL stocks forever

  • Alphabet earnings are great and growing
  • Google holds hundreds of valuable patents
  • Alphabet MOAT is huge and getting stronger
  • GOOGL stock price may be considered still quite cheap
  • Excellent profitability
  • Very low debt
  • Buyback

Conclusions: I am buying more Google Stocks

Given everything we have discovered and put together, it is clear that this stock has what it takes to be in most well-built portfolios.

Conclusions: I am buying more Google Stocks

Personally, I prefer to use trading brokers that give me direct access to NASDAQ like this one to trade my GOOGL stock.

Investing in individual stocks exposes one to risk, but by taking precautionary measures and staggered purchases we also access fabulous opportunities.

FAQ Alphabet Stocks

Is it worth it to buy Google stock?

Yes, it looks like it is worth to buy Google stock now, because, the strength of Google’s business model is the main reason why Wall Street analysts overwhelmingly support buying the stock at these levels. In an survey of 52 analysts, 50 have an “outperform” rating for the stock, with a 12-month consensus price target implying upside of 38%.

Will Google stock go up in 5 years?

Coinmarktcap experts consider Google stocks to be worth 297 USD in 5 years from now.

Can Google stock hit $5,000?

After the recent stock split, it is quite early to say that Google may hit $5000 in value.

Is Google a good company to buy stock in?

Following the opinioni of the top Wall Street analysts, Google is a good company to buy stocks.

Is Google a buy or sell right now?

Most financial analysts consider Google a BUY now. Cloud computing department and AI may be the engine of the next growth.

Is GOOG a good long-term investment?

GOOG is a growth stock that is intended to be a good long-term investment but also usefulr for some trading. This doesn’t mean that it is risk-free. The internet search find is getting more crowded.

Is Google or Apple a better investment?

Overall, it seems that both Google and Apple are great stock but Google is the better buy of the two. Both are incredibly dominant companies, with Google being slightly cheaper and growing faster. But that is no guarantee that these stocks will do well: Things can always turn out differently from what a model predicts. All it takes is an unexpected rise in interest rates or a drop in earnings in the second quarter to send AAPL or GOOG plummeting. If you decide to buy one of these stocks, know what you are getting into. It pays to play it safe.

Should I buy Google or Amazon stock?

Google and Amazon are good stocks to hold in a portfolio, but for very different reasons. They are not a good example of compoung interest investing.

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