If you are about to sign up to Mintos you can have a bonus

There are 2 ways to get it ✅

One is better than the other…


Active link to mintos bonus page

How to get the mintos cashback:

  1. Click on the active link above

2. Signup to Mintos with a good email

3. Deposit funds

4. Activate “Invest & Access” or “Custom Strategy” as soon as possible

5. After 30/60/90 day you will see the bonus on your account

Mintos still provides a 1% bonus to invite new investors to sign up and invest in 2019

1 bonus, 2 ways to get it


The are two ways to get the 1% bonus:

  1. One is by actually writing the bonus code at sign up stage

  2. One is even easier, and it is just to use an active link to the bonus page

Promo code Vs. Referral link 🔥

mintos Promo Code revenue land
U seven Z zero PF – This is an active and checked promo code ( U7Z0PF )

What is the difference between Mintos promo code and referral link?

In short:

  1. If you use the Mintos promo code you have 30 days only to invest and get the 1% bonus on that money.
  2. If you use the referral link (the one inside the button above) you have up to 90 days to invest and get the 1% on that money. 

So, the bonus is the same and it is 1% (⚠️…there aren’t real 2% or 3% bonus around, ask Mintos).

What changes, is the time you have to build up your portfolio.

90 days are better than 30! 

That’s all.

mintos referral link revenueland

How much longer

I start to think they won’t need to provide a cashback much longer, given their growth and subsequent popularity.

People go mad for coupons, presents and cotillons..so since it is just a tiny 1% maybe they will leave it like this.

promo code mintos revenueland

I used a cashback link to sign up and I was given an additional 1% on what I invested in the first 3 months of use.

Because of my inexperience and fear of investing too much on this new tool, I delayed too long and only enjoyed the bonus partially.

I moved most of what I have in Mintos now only after the first 3 months (when I was no longer entitled to have cashback on those added sums).

The bonus is not guaranteed and conditions apply. Don’t let the bonus be the only reason to invest in any P2P website.

Mintos invitation code

Cool news:

After you signup on Mintos you will be also entitled to invite your friends to invest on Mintos. You’ll be assigned an invitation code.

Please only invite people if you understand how Mintos works thoroughly and if you can explain it.

Be ready to inform your referrals about the risk involved (yes, there is risk investing) and assist them with the setup if you can (or link to this web page to help understand Mintos step-by-step)

This is not a game. Bringing referrals also brings some responsibility towards them.

mintos bonus promo code welcome referral

Beware that conditions apply and, as a general rule, it might be more convenient to use referral links instead of codes.


Because the period is only 30 days with the referral codes (…nobody knows this❗️).


  • This is an active bonus code example: U7Z0PF (only 30 days to invest, then it expires)
  • This is an active referral link: 1% bonus on the first 90 days  (90 days to invest before expiry)

I never let my decisions be influenced by some bonus. One I’ve decided Mintos (of anything) suits my needs then I make sure not to miss the bonus.

I cannot see any 1% bonus message

Sometimes you cannot see any 1% bonus message on the Mintos page where you land.

Don’t worry because it will work anyway.

If you want an alternative sign up bonus you can try the link below:

Go to mintos alternative bonus page

Mintos bonus promo didn’t work 🚫

  1. You decided you wanted to use Mintos
  2. You registered white you bonus link (or code)
  3. You transferred the money
  4. You started investing

So, where is the bonus?

The extra 1% will be added to your account in three stages, after 30 / 60 and 90 days.

NOT immediately.

If you’ve registered and didn’t use the right link, don’t despair.

You may still be entitled to open another account or open an account for one of your relatives using the button above.

If in doubt, ask Mintos for terms and conditions.

If you are still confused you can ask me, maybe I might help, but beware I don’t work for Mintos, I am a simple (happy, so far) investor and I cannot guarantee the bonus is assigned.

Mintos refer a friend
Mintos “Refer a Friend” official image!

Additional information

I am a Mintos investor.

It’s no secret I am satisfied and I know the platform since 2016.

This is why I wrote the most complete guide to a safer Mintos setup. It is a easy- to-read webpage with almost anything I’ve learned so far.

More information is in my recent Mintos Review, with all the slightest details about the Peer to Peer company where I am invested the most.

All the mistakes I avoided on Mintos are listed here.

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