Mintos Review: 29.277€ experience [all you need to know]

Mintos Review opinion from RevenueLand

True rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Relative safety: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Average return: 12,16%

29.277€ in 30 years? 670,217.77€

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Mintos Review from RevenueLand

To know before investing

  • Mintos allows me to invest in thousands of loans worldwide straightforwardly.
  • The average loan interest ranges from 6% to 19%.
  • I spread my investment on a good number of loans. Doing so, I can lower the impact in case of insolvency of single borrower. I have to keep in mind that I can never reset risk to zero whenever investing in P2P Lending, with Mintos, or with any other tool.
  • The Mintos buyback guarantee does not provide absolute safety for my invested money.


This Mintos review may be somehow biased because:

  • I am improving my finances investing with Mintos
  • I genuinely like their project
  • I met them and I got the answer I wanted
  • I’m becoming a fin-tech nerd, and I didn’t think it would happen to me..

My experience with Mintos is good so far.

I have formed my opinion investing myself and collecting information in and out of Mintos. Here is what I found out.

Now that you know these preliminary things let’s dive into Mintos!

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Advantages and disadvantages of Mintos P2P


⬆️ Mintos strengths:

  • Automatic investing is dummy-proof

  • Transparency on stats and numbers

  • Reasonably clean trackback with only one default

  • Size and critical mass

  • High yield in relation to the kind of debt on offer

  • Early exit available

  • Safety net called buyback is working well (so far)

  • Hands-free investing can be interesting (“invest and Access”≅12% now)

  • Extreme loans diversification is offered (compared to other P2P)

⬇️ Mintos weaknesses:

  • There is risk, like in any other peer to peer tool

  • Buyback is not a “bullet shield” and it may give a false sense of safety

  • Mintos resilience had not yet been tested during a long global recession

↔️ Mintos minor issues:

  • Customer care may be slow (but efficient)

  • APR charged by some Mintos loans originators is very high

  • There is no main filter available in the custom strategy to choose investments structure and amortization method

What is Mintos (in brief)?

Mintos is by far the biggest and most successful platform for peer to peer loans in Europe out of the UK.

It started operations in 2015 adopting an innovative way of doing the Peer to peer loans business.

They invented a marketplace for loans where investors and credit agencies from all over the world can meet at fair and transparent conditions.

Mintos loans statistics revenueland
Mintos has founded loans for 270 million euros so far

Mintos on Youtube

Here is an old official video that explains in 30 seconds what is Mintos:

Mintos exceeds 35 000 investors from 64 countries

Numbers have skyrocketed from 2017 but the mechanism that lays behind it is unchanged.

As Mintos investors, we are somehow “buying claim rights” against a borrower (or against an originator of loans) based on the agreement we sign on every purchase.

By using Mintos we sign an agreement with borrowers (or lenders). Mintos is the middleman who earns from the spread between the interest rate.

Mintos has nothing to do with …Mentos and even less with…Pepsi. So if we put Mintos in a Pepsi we won’t get a money explosion!

Where is Mintos?

mintos address Latvia
Visits are welcome at Mintos offices.  I am planning to go very soon to say hello!

Who am I to make a complete Mintos assessment?

I am an investor, not a money manager, nor a serial blogs/forums reader.

In truth, now I am the kind of investor …I would have liked to speak to before starting myself with Mintos. (Who is RevenueLand?)

This is why today I am about to answer to all the questions have crossed my mind while I was uncertain whether to start with Mintos or not.

As I said, my point of view about Mintos is built around my active use of all of its features over time.


I really put my heart in writing this. This is not some computer-generated content.

I wrote it! If you feel this is useful to you, say thank you now by sharing it! ..then keep reading.


There are different ways to invest with this tool, 4 are automated and 1 is custom and I mainly use the “Custom Strategy”.

Honestly? It wasn’t easy at the beginning. Too many choices, filters, jargon. Uff!

So I started to test hundreds of strategies and then I wrote the most popular tutorial on how to invest with Mintos to lower risk and optimize performance (where/if possible).

Mintos review - My Mintos investments
I firmly believe that if one wants to write a review then he must be himself an active (and curious) investor.

As you can see from this screenshot I have very few late loans. The only +31 days late loans I have are the ones I actively buy following a secondary market strategy on some loans originators. It approximately works like this: I auto-invest on loans that are about to be bought back. Here I make sure to buy some late loans from certain lenders.


mintos secondary market strategy
The outcome of this strategy with my settings is slowly losing streght. There are almost no quality late loans around.


Does it work? It worked well in the past, giving a little boost to my performance.


Why is my net annual return is lower than average (<12%)?

Not losing money is my priority when investing.

This is why I set up this portfolio with the aim to resist to an economic slowdown and possibly to avoid major issues in the future.

Am I too careful? No, not at all, I’m ok with it.

I am really fine with my 10,87% and my desired diversification.

Maximum yield in any investment has never been my “North Star” (that’s why I am not on Envestio) and I know I am one of the many (older) Peer to Peer investors to think this way.

Some zero-point-something extra yield may not be making that huge difference, and safer is always better.

I have very clear ideas on what to do to invest in Mintos safely or, at least, try to reduce risk and avoid the typical beginner’s mistakes.

I have paid some “service fees” (5,61€) because I started investing before 2017 on Mintos.

Mintos team, background and faces

mintos team revenueland

Every single team member’s photo on the website is connected to the respective linked profile. This way is easy to check if the team has a background in the field required. In this team picture men outnumber women. In Latvia Women outnumber men (source: UN).

Mintos is growing at a fast pace, so the challenge may be to keep up with that growth without losing quality but rather attracting the “best heads” on the market.

Who are the people behind Mintos?

Here are the founders’ profile links:

Martin Sulte

Martins Valters

And this is Mintos on Crunchbase


mintos team employees

BTW, Mintos is hiring! 

This is the official email to apply:

HR at

mints careers revenueland


What does the word “Mintos” mean?

mintos revenueland

What is Mintos “mission” as a company

Mintos official Mission:

To offer easy and affordable short term financial solutions for modern society.

Is Mintos 🔒 hiding something

Let’s search for skeletons in Mintos closet!

Is Mintos P2P hiding something?
I haven’t found anything relevant with my limited investigative potential. There were speculations some time ago about Mogo and Hypocredit connections but yes, they also have offices in the same building, which is not an issue. As far as I’m concerned, Mintos have nothing to hide.

Who supported the Mintos growth?

Skillion Ventures is the Venture Capital group behind the growth of Mintos.

Is Mintos regulated?

FKTK (Latvia) is the national regulator.


Where is Mintos registered?

Mintos is a company registered in Latvia since 2015.

I searched the registry and here is what I found out:

Mintos registration Latvia
Mintos is a regularly registered company in Latvia: SIA Mintos/AS Mintos Marketplace/SIA Mintos Finance

From the register:

  • No insolvency or legal proceedings
  • No commercial pledges
  • No restriction on activities

And here is an extract from the Lursoft data register:

mints register financials
Capital appears to be 1M € under “AS Mintos Holdings”

Mintos financial statements

Mintos is regularly publishing its financial results on the investor relations page.

If you like numbers and charts the last report is available to download here.

Company’s independent auditor:

SIA Ernst & Young Baltic
Muitas 1a, Riga, LV1010, Latvia

Mintos reviews on Trustpilot

(Google and facebook)

Mintos has lots of reviews on Trustpilot.

mintos rating trustpilot

Mintos ratings on this consumers reviews website are really good but, should we trust it?

To be honest I believe having good ratings on this website is absolutely a good sign but, beware of who is writing. The average reviewer might be not an expert when it comes to complex tools like this, or simply his opinion comes too early to say if he is a happy user or not because P2P lending is a long term stuff. Unhappy users seldom go back to correct their old ratings on Trustpilot.

Mintos bad reviews

Yes, also Mintos has bad reviews! I take it as a good sign.

I scrolled through the worst reviews on Mintos P2P I could find on Trustpilot.

There are a few Mintos bad reviews, so I went straight to read the worst Mintos reviews! 🔦

Let’s see why people complain about Mintos!

Here is the last one:

mintos bad review revenueland
From what I can see, some people complain about referral links to get a signup bonus. It happens from time to time that they don’t work ( or are misused). In this case, I think Mintos customer service gave “a state of the art” answer.

Since I know cashback codes may not work, I prepared a list of updated P2P bonus my readers can use or save.

To get my 1% cashback on Mintos I used  this.


Mintos UK residents

Other complaints are mostly from UK residents that lately have been prevented to add funds to their Mintos account. The issue seems to be in the process of being resolved (I don’t have recent updates).

Mintos P2P reviews and opinions from the web

The average Mintos review is undoubtedly good.


This is for many reasons, and one is that Mintos is simply performing as a good tool, no bad surprises, and authors are happy with it.

Mintos on forums

Mintos is definitely well known on forums.

There is a lot of discussion going on on forums since Mintos is one of the most popular P2P ever. Beware of who is writing before taking any decision about your finances, since anyone can contribute to financial forums. First check has to be about who is writing. Specialized forums are usually much more reliable compared to general forums.

Mintos is famous on P2P forums also among the most experienced investors who want to bring frequent changes in their portfolios.


If you think the new information you found here today is complete and can help others, please copy and share the link to this article on your best forum.


On forums, most doubts are about the efficiency/safety of the BuyBack and the latest best Mintos Lenders. People are obsessed especially by Mintos buyback!

On the other hand most compliments are about the ease of use of the “Invest and access”(and how it works). This thing of “the money invested but always available” is one thing that drives crazy people on Mintos forums.


Mintos Invest and access Test

With the latest setup, the Mintos “Invest and Access”, investors only have to set the amount they’d like to invest and money get invested instantly.

I tried, it works.

What I don’t like is the too-high sense of safety that it may give being so automatic. In the Invest and Access there are loans, so nothing changes, this is P2P investing.


With this setup, money is invested and available (≅80%).

Yes, money is invested and accessible at the same time. Investors are not used to this concept that is rather new, only Bondora does something similar at 6,75% capped (read it later) (approximately 50% of Go & Grow loans are E and F class).

I have performed some tests on Invest and Access to see if the money was instantly available.

Mintos test revenueland invest and access

Invest and Access test result:

I setup an invest and access portfolio in addition to my custom strategies.

There is NO conflict between portfolios strategies, so I can have both.

So I went to Mintos Invest and Access and I typed in the amount I was willing to invest that way.

Some time later I decided to cash in to see if it worked and if it was really that liquid.

Yes, as promised, money was instantly available, but only current loans.

Considering an average percentage of late loans on Mintos of 20%, the result is that 80% of the capital can be able to be withdrawn immediately. The rest of the loans will have to wait for the buyback (max 60 days) or to go back on “current” state.

I find it fair for a 12% yearly return on (..what almost looks like) “cash”.

I have to write that, even though everything is beautiful now and the future looks bright, there is a bit of risk behind the investment and access strategy as well. As I said, this is still P2P loans investing.

Mintos originators cash back campaigns

Mintos cash back campaigns originators
Example of Mintos cashback campaign from two Mintos loans originators

Occasionally Mintos originators offer some incentives to invite investors to get more of their loans.

I think this is ok, but there is a hidden danger behind it.

( ..the evil-minded P2P NERD sees deception everywhere..)

What if those loans (country, duration, type) are not fitting my strategy?

Will I buy it only because of the bonus?

Doing an investment only because of some bonus (or tax relief) can be a bad idea.

Benefits of using Mintos

  • Easy to use

  • High yields

  • Real “hands-off” investing

  • Big, reliable, established

  • Profitable since last year (see pdf attached)

  • Very liquid

  • Loans with a safety net (beware, offered by lenders)

  • A Secondary market for an early exit

Are Mintos ratings reliable?

revenueland mintos lender ratings

Last year Mintos released a rating tool to help investors to choose the right loan originators.

Is the Mintos lenders rating biased?

I cannot say it.

Common sense will get me to think that riskier loans should get a lower rating and especially a higher interest paid to investors.

I am not sure if this happens.

If you have the same feeling please contribute by commenting below.

I use different methods to decide if reducing or adding money on a loan originator, and soon I will publish my RevenueLand List with lenders ratings (because readers keep asking for it).


I had some C rated loans on Mintos before they got an upgrade, but I also rushed to sell some C rated lenders because I tough Mintos was about to getting rid of them. It is ok to rely also on Mintos official rating, BUT I believe it is also good not to limit diversification. So once again, I avoid focusing only on the “A” rated lenders. More lenders means more countries, more loan types and different duration.

If I am invested in more lenders and one lender have problems I will have only a smaller part of my loans allocated there.

Worst things on Mintos

3 are the worst things I find on Mintos

  • The three preset investment strategies are the thing I like less on the whole website.

mintos preset strategy

When I went to look at what was inside it I decided not to use any of the three and not to mention it on my blog.

The bright side?

I believe they have fewer reasons to exist now that the popular “invest and access” is available.


  • Some loan originators are just too small, too young or too exotic to be on a safe and reliable platform like Mintos.

The bright side?

Lately, Mintos is starting to getting rid of some low performing lenders and this is a very good sign for me.


  • Mintos is not “virgin” anymore. There was a little default some years ago and they are still in the process of recovery.

The defaulted originator name was Eurocent.

The bright side?

There is no bright side. There would be one the day Mintos will be able to make people forget about that little issue.

I don’t have any of those Eurocent loans, but I’ve heard they are working to recover as much as possible.

For the sake of completeness, taking into account the size and the number of loans processed by Mintos to date, the Eurocent impact is getting very marginal.

Mintos statistics made easy

The thing I value most is transparency in P2P investing (..because I am becoming a fin-tech nerd).

When a tool is not publicly sharing data with investors there is something wrong.

Mintos is loved for its transparency and the statistics are refreshed one ore more times per day (they answered  me so).

revenueland mints numbers and stats
Crossing this data with ratings and other resources I have been able to learn a lot about how to set up my Mintos properly

Beware that the “health” of a loan originator does not only lies in the numbers above. A lender with many late loans may be ok because of other reasons.

How do I use Mintos today

Mintos tutorial 🛠  How to use

There are several ways to invest, but Mintos is convoying investors towards this three, especially the first one:

  • Invest & Access
  • Ordinary Auto-invest
  • Manual investing

best way to invest mints revenueland

Of course, the “Invest and access” strategy is winning hands down, because of the high-interest rate and the instant access to the capital even while invested. Moreover, it is easy to setup.

How do I invest on Mintos?

I mainly use the auto-invest custom strategy to have complete control over what I buy. Since I spent time to implement my strategy, I dare to say that I wrote the most complete guide on how to setup Mintos ever written.

It has been read and printed by thousands of investors and I am proud of it.

mints review strategy promo
Here is the description of my process to invest using custom Autoinvest on Mintos

I also do some manual investing to find out more about loans originators offer and to test the primary and secondary markets functionality.

The easiest way to start Mintos?

Probably the Invest and access 12% strategy is the most accessible to start.

Bonus 1

Want an actionable tip on manual investing?

After filtering out loans on the primary or secondary market go on the upper right side of the screen. You’ll find a small writing that says “my filters”. Click on it and save your latest search for the next time. This comes handy when you often search some specific loan originators or duration or more advanced filters like LTV or APR.

Is Mintos safe?

How safe is Mintos is the million dollar question these days.

I’m not going to avoid answering that question.

mintos-safety-p2p-lending revenueLand
Click on the extinguisher to read more in a new window…


Mintos is a profitable and transparent company, but peer to peer investing is safe until something happens.

What are risks in P2P investing and in particular with Mintos?

Mintos CEO was asked this question lately (how safe is Mintos) in an interview  and he gave rather satisfactory answers to the investors. The feeling I get (besides the numbers) is that they care, they want this company to work, and they look like a good team.

The safest way to use Mintos for me is “selective diversification”. If I want to reduce risks on Mintos I spread my capital on a large number of loans in many countries, instead of focusing somewhere.

Some investors focus only on short term loans to reduce risk. I don’t share the same opinion, since focusing on short term loans is the opposite of diversification ( in terms of duration, country and lenders).

Investing in direct structure may be safer since the claims are against the borrowers, but not many care about this aspect.


Some more easy tips? Keep reading!

Investing in lower APRs loans can be also more sustainable and also ethical.

I always filter out the highest APR loans (..also because I am a fin-tech nerd that wants P2P be sustainable).

If I want the most of my loans to keep the “current”  state, I may filter out loans that are brand new and never paid an installment.

When I search for car loans, I can make sure the initial loan to value is below 70%. Doing so, I know the price of the car is accessible to the borrower, and no, it’s not always the case.

worst loans on Mintos
I avoid this kind of loans when I can. This gentleman bought a fantastic Audi A6 some years ago. Now the value of the car for some reasons dropped, but he still has to pay

Do you want me to say if Mintos is safer than other P2P websites?

..I know you want it..

Ok. Mintos may somehow be “safer” compared to other P2P tools for a few reasons. Anyway, I prefer to use it in synergy with different P2P and real estate crowdfunding platforms (beside traditional investments).

I also invest in business loans and real estate loans on several websites.

Mintos loans diversification is unique for European investors. Also, the huge number of Mintos lenders is big and growing.

There aren’t 100% safe investments, but Mintos has been doing a good job making P2P investing a more transparent practice (my opinion).

By the way, I’d not allocate all my P2P funds in one platform, not even if that tool is Mintos.

What I certainly do is to avoid the classic beginner’s mistakes.


Who can invest with Mintos?

Individuals and companies can invest through Mintos.

Investing as a company may also bring some tax relief.

Individual investors must be >18 years old, have a bank account in the EU or third countries considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU. In any case, Mintos has to be able to identify the investor.

Family trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies and other organizations can invest but must have a bank account and be registered in the EU or in a AML/CFT country.

mintos number of investors

Mintos awards

Mintos is a rather young company but already won a few prizes. One of the most relevant is by far the last one:

mints awards revenueland
AltFi for me is a good source of information about fin-tech companies


Is Mintos buyback guarantee 100% safe?

Mintos does not provide any buyback of late loans.


The lenders on Mintos are the ones who are obliged to buy back my loans as soon as any payment is delayed more than 60 days.

This is a good warranty, but let’s dive into it.

How safe is Mintos buyback?

is mintos buyback warranty safe?

I had my loans smoothly bought back a thousand times, so I can say: Mintos Buyback works

What I like to be careful about is the reliability of the lender. It is the one who is entitled to refund my money when borrowers slow down their payments.

Most lenders on Mintos are big, established and transparent. Some small ones can be a bit too exotic or “acrobatic” for my tastes. I like to be always on the safe side, so I avoid the smallest, the newest and the less transparent lenders.

More on this topic in my boring newsletter.


Is Mintos fit for beginners?

I’d say yes.

Mintos is suitable for beginners, as long as they are willing to understand what it does.

The problem here is not about a smooth usage of the website. Mintos is rather fool-proof, I can use it.

Anyone can subscribe, deposit and invest in Mintos since it is built caring a lot about the user experience.

The main issue is if P2P lending (or Mintos) is the right fit for that beginner investor. I’d say that Mintos it is surely a good additional way for me to invest beside funds, bonds and traditional stuff (let’s leave the jargon outside). The risk involved, as I said, is not similar to other types of investments, it is just different.

One more thing I would consider is a thorough understanding of how it works. I like my readers to understand where their money goes.


Withdrawing money from Mintos

Mintos how to withdraw money

Since when I started P2P I was very suspicious about peer to peer investing and this “Nordic websites”, I decided to test the withdrawal… immediately after sending money to Mintos.

Just to see if Mintos was not…one way only➡️

Now I can say that withdrawing money from Mintos is possible (and it is not a detail).

I did it.

The future of Mintos

Are you missing the train?

What’s next?

the future of mints p2p revenuelend

Mintos announced three huge news lately.

  • One is the imminent release of an APP

Mintos App

I am curious to see if it will really add value to investors or will just be a wrapped copy of the website. In the second case, I won’t need it.

  • The second groundbreaking news is the release of IBAN (banking numbers) to investors.

Mintos IBAN

This makes a big difference because Mintos will be like a bank.

  • The third is that they want to provide investors with a debit card.

Mintos debit card

This is huge.

Investors could use “invest and access” and have their money invested at 12% while being able to spend that money instantly with a debit card.

So instead of having money idling on a savings account, it can be invested and available almost instantly.

I am enthusiast about this news, but I normally avoid mix savings account and investing accounts for now.


My little fear about all this change?

I fear that, due to rising demand of loans and a heavier structure, the interest paid will eventually come down, but I might be wrong.

My biggest mistake with Mintos🏴

My biggest fail with Mintos was waiting too long to give it trust and start investing.

I was scared to death of transferring money on an unknown foreign bank account.

After some years on Mintos I dared to write what I believe are the typical Mintos investor’s mistakes.

29.277€ in 30 years?


Yes, this is true, but…let’s get a closer look and mind your jaw-drop..

670,217.77€ is the result of compounded interest over the initial sum supposing the yield stays at 11% for 30 years.

It equals to a 22.340€ per year additional passive income (over 30 years mate, don’t get me wrong!). This is a very “politically incorrect” statement, so watch out…and make your calculations.

How old are you?

If you are in your 20s you might also like to know what the same amount could generate over 40 years: 1,903,030.39€ (yes, one million nine hundred bla bla bla).

Is it a realistic expectation? Yes and no. 40 years are long time, the chances you don’t touch that money for so long are low (to zero). It is also very difficult to think that nothing will change in the interest rate paid in the next 40 years. Inflation was not taken into account, but it should, in order to get a more exact outcome.

Are you in search of a Mintos promo code

Here is the right page for people ready to register where I explain the difference between Promo code and Referral link.

Mintos alternatives and competitors

The closest alternatives to Mintos may be:

Honestly, there aren’t many tools like Mintos, and yes, Grupeer is the one that resembles it the most.

Here is an interesting webpage from Bondora with some reasons to choose them instead of Mintos:

Mintos alternatives bondora
The first and third reasons are “valid”. The rest are less important to me. I use both in synergy. I believe Mintos has a more complete offer at present.

These platforms are not easy to compare.

To help readers to understand I’ve prepared a (successful) peer to peer comparison table.

P2P social lending comparison table
Click to go to the fast comparison table

Conclusions and Recap⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Where is Mintos: Latvia
  • Birth: 2015
  • Free or pay: Free to register, to use and to invest
  • Currency: € + 6
  • Minimum investment per loan: 10€
  • Interest: 6% – 19%
  • Loan duration: 30 days to 5 years
  • Secondary market: Available, liquid
  • Safety net: Buyback after 60 days delay (on 95% of loans)
  • Auto-invest feature: yes (good)
  • Bonus: 1% cashback on investments made in the first 90 days
  • Mintos is one of my best P2P in Europe list (for now)

Now forget about me, don’t trust me, collect more information on your own, make informed decisions and visit Mintos on your terms

I am looking forward to have your opinion.

Now it’s your turn!

Have I missed something?

What you don’t like about Mintos?

What is preventing you from starting P2P?

Share this article. I wrote it for you! Make me smile!

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5 thoughts on “Mintos Review: 29.277€ experience [all you need to know]

  1. Nuno says:

    Fabulous review
    I invest in Mintos for 1 year now and I share your oppinion about the platform.
    CEO Martins Sulte seems a very competent, inteligent and professional man and he is taking good care of his company.
    I have a feeling Mintos can literaly change someone’s life, not only in the perspective of good profits but also making a person more a saver than a spender, more financialy savy and value more his/hers money.
    I see a bright future for Mintos and my only regreta was not knowing of it sooner.
    Nevertheless everyone should understand very clearly that there will always be risk involved in lending your Money around and DO NOT pour all your money into this new inovative techmologies… one step at a time.
    I have a question for you… Many people talk about diversification and spread their P2P exposure to other plataforma like bondora, robocash etc
    would you agree that being Mintos the biggest, and arguably the best and safest platform, spreading to another smaller companies is INCREASING your risk instead of lowering it ?
    I only invest in Mintos in terms of P2P and I intend to keep it that way as I see na increased risk going into smaller platforms.

    Thank you

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      You just mentioned a neglected aspect of DIY’s investing.
      If my money sleeps at 0,3% on the savings account I find no reason to invest. If I can make it grow then I get some motivation back.

      I’ve decided to acknowledge the risk and invest a bit in P2P beside other traditional investments. Of course savings accounts and P2P investing should never be compared.

      Thank you for commenting and for the nice words, Nuno.
      I try to answer your question from my (investor) point of view.
      I am not a financial planner, so I never offer recommendations, either here or in the newsletter.

      I’ve decided to spread my assets on more P2P tools because I believe it is safer.
      More tools doesn’t mean any tool.
      If you have time to read some of my reviews (or the even more boring newsletter) you’ll find out that I’m not too sweet toward some of the most popular P2P, and I give reasons for that.

  2. Joao Portugal says:

    Last year I started with 71000€ on Mintos. If compound interest exist and nothing changes by 2038 I will have 572.424€ before tax. 🇵🇹Mal posso esperar para envelhecer

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