Mintos Review: My 40.289€ Experience After 7 years How it works

Mintos Review opinion from RevenueLand


In this Mintos review you will find out whether Mintos is right for you or not.

I am an investor myself and I will tell you all about how to use it and how to avoid the worst loans.

You will read my exact basic step-by-step approach and some advanced strategies.

If you want to learn more about Mintos for both hands-on and hands-off investing, you are in the right place.

Let’s do this…

To know before investing with Mintos ⚠️

  • Mintos lenders can default
  • Mintos allows me to invest in thousands of loans worldwide straightforwardly.
  • The average loan interest ranges from 6% to 17%.
  • I spread my investment on a good number of loans. Doing so, I can lower the impact in case of insolvency of single borrower. I have to keep in mind that I can never reset risk to zero.
  • The Mintos buyback guarantee does not provide absolute safety for my invested money.

Now that you know these preliminary things let’s dive into Mintos!

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Advantages and disadvantages of Mintos P2P

⬆️ Mintos strengths:

  • Automatic investing is dummy-proof (improved 2022)
  • Transparency on stats and numbers
  • Long track record
  • Size and critical mass
  • High yield in relation to the kind of debt on offer
  • Early exit is available
  • Safety net called “buyback” is working well (with some exceptions)
  • Hands-free investing can be interesting (conservative)
  • Extreme loans diversification is offered (compared to other P2P)

⬇️ Mintos weaknesses:

  • There is risk, like in any other peer to peer tool
  • Buyback is not a “bullet shield” and it may give a false sense of safety
  • Mintos resilience had not yet been tested during a long global recession
  • Yields fluctuate over the years
  • Not available in the UK
  • Not all Mintos loan originators are trustable

↔️ Mintos minor issues:

  • Customer care may be slow (but efficient)
  • The website can be slow from certain browsers (Safari)
  • APR charged by some Mintos loans originators is very high (how ethical?)
  • There is no main filter available in the custom strategy to choose investments structure and amortization method

Mintos reviews on Trustpilot

The opinions about Mintos on Trustpilot are on average good. 67% of users who have left a review of Mintos say their experience is 4 or 5 stars.

Mintos reviews Trustpilot

Mintos ratings on this consumers reviews website are really good but, should we trust it? To be honest I believe having good ratings on this website is absolutely a good sign but, beware of who is writing.

The average reviewer might not be an expert when it comes to complex tools like this, or simply his opinion comes too early to say if he is a happy user or not because P2P lending is a long term stuff.

Unhappy users seldom go back to correct their old ratings on Trustpilot.

Some of the bad reviews here on Mintos are relative to money stuck in some recovery process. I trust that most of this money will be recovered.

⭕️ Mintos P2P reviews and opinions from the web

The average Mintos review is undoubtedly good. Why? This is for many reasons, and one is that Mintos is simply performing as a good tool, no bad surprises, and authors are happy with it.

Mintos on Forums

Mintos on forums and threads

There are so many discussions on forums about Mintos that you could spend two days on it and understand nothing.

Everybody is different and the perception of the risk id tolerated in different ways. There is too much buzz and people lose of sight the big picture on the medium/long term.

Only some specialized P2P forum have contributors that have been long time investors on Mintos and can talk. All the rest is noise.

Mintos is definitely well known on forums. There is a lot of discussion going on on forums since Mintos is one of the most popular P2P ever. Beware of who is writing before taking any decision about your finances, since anyone can contribute to financial forums.

First check has to be about who is writing.

Specialized forums are usually much more reliable compared to general forums. Mintos is famous on P2P forums also among the most experienced investors who want to bring frequent changes in their portfolios.

If you think the new information you found here today is complete and can help others, please copy and share the link to this article on your best investment forums and groups.

What is Mintos P2P?

what -is-mintos revenue land Mintos is the biggest platform for direct loans in Europe out of the UK. It started operations in 2015 adopting an innovative way of doing the Peer to peer loans business. They invented a marketplace for loans where investors and credit agencies from all over the world meet at fair and transparent conditions.

Mintos stats and info

mintos vs assett classes

During the first half of 2020, Mintos loan volume decreased and now it is growing again. The net return is also increasing compared to 2020.

🎥 Video how to use Mintos on Youtube

Here is the YouTube video where I show how do I build my own Porffolio on Mintos (simplified version):

Mintos How to Build a Custom Portfolio in 100 sec.

 A video is the best way to learn how to setup mintos properly by following a ste by step process.

Best Video Mintos Review on Youtube

Mintos Review (2023) After 5+ Years 🧐 Worth investing again?

Here is an old official video that explains in 30 seconds what is Mintos. Numbers have skyrocketed from 2017 but the mechanism that lays behind it is unchanged.

As Mintos investors, we are somehow “buying claim rights” against a borrower (or against an originator of loans) based on the agreement we sign on every purchase. By using Mintos we sign an agreement with borrowers (or lenders).

Mintos is the middleman who earns from the spread between the interest rate.

🔒 Is Mintos hiding something?

Let’s search for skeletons in Mintos closet!

If Mintos is a scam, I want to know, so I did my personal investigations.

Is Mintos P2P hiding something?

 I haven’t found anything relevant with my limited investigative potential. There were speculations some time ago about Mogo and Hypocredit connections but yes, they also have offices in the same building, yes they are connected, which is not a big issue at the moment. As far as I’m concerned, Mintos have nothing to hide.

Who supported the Mintos growth?

Skillion Ventures is the Venture Capital group behind the growth of Mintos.

Is Mintos regulated?

FKTK (Latvia) is the national regulator.
Mintos is in the process of getting more regulated. It has applied to become an investing firm (with license).
Money not invested will be protected up to 20.000€.

Where is Mintos registered?

Mintos is a company registered in Latvia since 2015. I searched the registry and here is what I found out:

Mintos registration Latvia
Mintos is a regularly registered company in Latvia: SIA Mintos/AS Mintos Marketplace/SIA Mintos Finance

From the register:

  • No insolvency or legal proceedings
  • No commercial pledges
  • No restriction on activities

And here is an extract from the Lursoft data register:

mints register financials
Capital appears to be 1M € under “AS Mintos Holdings”

Mintos financial statements

Mintos is regularly publishing its financial results on the investor relations page. If you like numbers and charts the last report is available to download here. Company’s independent auditor:

SIA Ernst & Young Baltic Muitas 1a, Riga, LV1010, Latvia
is mintos buyback warranty safe?

🛡Is the buyback guarantee 100% safe?

Mintos does not provide any buyback of late loans.


Yes. The lenders on Mintos are the ones who are obliged to buy back my loans as soon as any payment is delayed more than 60 days.

This is a good warranty, but let’s dive into it.

How safe is the buyback?

I had my loans smoothly bought back a thousand times, so I can say: Mintos Buyback works

What I like to be careful about is the reliability of the lender. It is the one who is entitled to refund my money when borrowers slow down their payments. Most lenders on Mintos are big, established and transparent.

Some small ones can be a bit too exotic or “acrobatic” for my tastes. I like to be always on the safe side, so I avoid the smallest, the newest and the less transparent lenders.

More on this topic in my boring newsletter.

Why are some investors complaining about Mintos?

During 2020 crisis Mintos had a few issues with some of its loan originators.

Due to the virus crisis some countries restricted the activities of some lending companies.

This became a problem for those investors who had plenty of these loans, because those loans are late now.

SOme Mintos investors complain because they have some money stuck there but, from what I can see, Mintos efforts to deal with problematic lenders is having a good effect.

I was very careful in picking my loans so I have less than 3% of loans in recovery.

Should I complain about my Mintos?

I don’t think so, since so far my yield is above 10% for 5 years in a row.

The truth is that the first version of “invest and access” autoinvest by Mintos was not a great success. It was also holding a promise too big to meet (65% money invested but available).

The invest and access now is much better.

There are different ways to invest with this tool, 4 are automated and 1 is custom and I mainly use the “Custom Strategy”.

mintos best strategy

Honestly? It wasn’t easy at the beginning. Too many choices, filters, jargon. Uff!

So I started to test hundreds of different strategies and then I wrote the most popular tutorial on how to invest with Mintos to lower risk and optimize performance (where/if possible).

Here is my Mintos panel:

mintos performance earning gain
I firmly believe that if one wants to write a review then he must be himself an active (and curious) investor.

As you can see from this screenshot I have very few late loans.

Here I make sure to buy some late loans from certain lenders.

Does it work?

It worked well in the past, giving a little boost to my performance. Why is my net annual return is lower than average (<12%)?

Not losing money is my priority when investing. This is why I set up this portfolio with the aim to resist to an economic slowdown and possibly to avoid major issues in the future.

Am I too careful with Mintos?

No, not at all, I’m ok with it.

I am really fine with my 10,87% and my desired diversification. Maximum yield in any investment has never been my “North Star” (that’s why I am not on Envestio) and I know I am one of the many (older) Peer to Peer investors to think this way.

Some zero-point-something extra yield may not be making that huge difference, and safer is always better. I have very clear ideas on what to do to invest in Mintos safely or, at least, try to reduce risk and avoid the typical beginner’s mistakes. I have paid some “service fees” (5,61€) because I started investing before 2017 on Mintos.

Where is Mintos? Is it regulated?

mintos address Latvia
Visits are welcome at Mintos offices.  I am planning to go very soon to say hello!

Mintos is regulated in Latvia.

Who am I to make a complete Mintos assessment?

I am an investor, not a money manager, nor a serial blogs/forums reader.

In truth, now I am the kind of investor …I would have liked to speak to before starting myself with Mintos. (Who the hell is RevenueLand?)

This is why today I am about to answer to all the questions have crossed my mind while I was uncertain whether to start with Mintos or not.

As I said, my point of view about Mintos is built around my active use of all of its features over time.  

I really put my heart in writing this. This is not some computer-generated content. I wrote it! If you feel this is useful to you, say thank you now by sharing it! ..then keep reading.  

Mintos team, background and faces

mintos team revenueland

Every single team member’s photo on the website is connected to the respective linked profile. This way is easy to check if the team has a background in the field required. In this team picture men outnumber women. In Latvia Women outnumber men (source: UN). Mintos is growing at a fast pace, so the challenge may be to keep up with that growth without losing quality but rather attracting the “best heads” on the market.

Who are the people behind Mintos?

Here are the founders’ profile links: Martin Sulte Martins Valters 

This is Mintos on Crunchbase

And here is the official profile of Mintos on Linkedin .

mintos team employees

BTW, Mintos is hiring!  This is the official email to apply: HR at

What is Mintos official “mission” as a company

Mintos official Mission:

To offer easy and affordable short term financial solutions for modern society.

❌ Mintos bad reviews

Yes, also Mintos has ❌ bad reviews! I take it as a good sign.

I have read it all for you.

I’ve also scrolled through the worst reviews on Mintos P2P I could find on Trustpilot.

There are a few Mintos bad reviews, so I went straight to read the worst Mintos reviews! 🔦 Let’s see why people complain about Mintos! Here is the last one:

mintos bad review revenueland
From what I can see, some people complain about referral links to get a signup bonus. It happens from time to time that they don’t work ( or are misused). In this case, I think Mintos customer service gave “a state of the art” answer.

Since I know cashback codes may not work, I prepared a list of updated P2P bonus my readers can use or save. 50€ + 1%  signup bonus is available at the moment.

Mintos UK residents (FCA)

Other complaints are mostly from UK residents that lately have been prevented to add funds to their Mintos account. The issue seems to be in the process of being resolved (I don’t have recent updates).

Visit Mintos

Mintos originators cash back campaigns

Mintos cash back campaigns originators
Example of Mintos cashback campaign from two Mintos loans originators

Occasionally Mintos originators offer some incentives to invite investors to get more of their loans. I think this is ok, but there is a hidden danger behind it. ( ..the evil-minded P2P NERD sees deception everywhere..)

What if those loans (country, duration, type) are not fitting my strategy? Will I buy it only because of the bonus? Doing an investment only because of some bonus (or tax relief) can be a bad idea.

Benefits of using Mintos:

  1. Easy to use
  2. High yields
  3. Real hands-off investing
  4. Big – reliable – established
  5. Profitable most of the years
  6. Very liquid
  7. Loans with a safety net 

⚙️ Are Mintos ratings reliable?

Yes they are, until some geopolitical issue arise.

So, beware, that anything can happen.

Last year Mintos released a new rating tool to help investors to choose the right loan originators.

Ratings for loan originators can go from 1 to 10.

Is the Mintos lenders rating biased?

I cannot say it.

Common sense will get me to think that riskier loans should get a lower rating and especially a higher interest paid to investors. I am not sure if this happens.

If you have the same feeling please contribute by commenting below.

I use different methods to decide if reducing or adding money on a loan originator.

Here is what I think of the mintos lenders ratings and my best Mintos lenders.

It is ok to rely also on Mintos official rating, BUT I believe it is also good not to limit diversification.

So once again, I avoid focusing only on the top rated lenders. More lenders means more countries, more loan types and different duration. If I am invested in more lenders and one lender have problems I will have only a smaller part of my loans allocated there.

What is the best Mintos strategy?

I like the Mintos custom automation where I can pick the lenders I like.

Visit Mintos to build your strategy

Worst things on Mintos

Here is an overview of the worst things for me on Mintos.

# The “invest and access” diversified

They say “diversified” so you think it is good, but it is not.

Why the diversified strategy is not good:

  1. Some loans inside this strategy will not be covered by the buyback guarantee
  2. The minimum risk score is 2 (extremely low)

# The “invest and access” High-Yield

They say High-yield but:

  1. The loans may come from the most aggressive lenders
  2. The minimum risk score is 2

# Some lenders are not reliable

Some loan originators are just too small, too young or too exotic to be on a safe and reliable platform like Mintos.


# Mintos is not “virgin” anymore

There have been a few defaults.

The first defaulted originator name was Eurocent.

In the last year more Mintos lenders are having issues.

The bright side? There is no bright side.

There would be one the day Mintos will be able to make people forget about that little issue. I don’t have any of those Eurocent loans, but I’ve heard they are working to recover as much as possible. For the sake of completeness, taking into account the size and the number of loans processed by Mintos to date, the Eurocent impact is getting very marginal.

A few more small lenders had issues lately but even this time the impact was marginal. Well, at least it was marginal for me but I may have been lucky (or not).

Mintos tutorial 🛠  How to use?

There are several ways to invest, but Mintos is convoying investors towards this three, especially the first one:

  • Invest & Access 
  • Manual/custom investing
best way to invest mints revenueland

Of course, the “Invest and access” strategy is winning hands down, because of the high-interest rate and the instant access to the capital even while invested. Moreover, it is easy to setup.

How do I invest on Mintos?

I mainly use the auto-invest custom strategy to have complete control over what I buy. Since I spent time to implement my strategy, I dare to say that I wrote the most complete guide on how to setup Mintos ever written. It has been read and printed by thousands of investors and I am proud of it.

mints review strategy promo
Here is the description of my process to invest using custom Autoinvest on Mintos

mintos-safety-p2p-lending revenueLand
Click on the extinguisher to read more in a new tab…

Mintos is a profitable and transparent company, but peer to peer investing is safe until something happens. What are risks in P2P investing and in particular with Mintos? Mintos CEO was asked this question lately (how safe is Mintos) in an interview  and he gave rather satisfactory answers to the investors. The feeling I get (besides the numbers) is that they care, they want this company to work, and they look like a good team.

The safest way to use Mintos for me is “selective diversification”.

If I want to reduce risks on Mintos I spread my capital on a large number of loans in many countries, instead of focusing somewhere.

Some investors focus only on short term loans to reduce risk.

I don’t share the same opinion, since focusing on short term loans is the opposite of diversification ( in terms of duration, country and lenders). Investing in direct structure may be safer since the claims are against the borrowers, but not many care about this aspect.

Some more easy tips? Keep reading!

Investing in lower APRs loans can be also more sustainable and also ethical. I always filter out the highest APR loans (..also because I am a fin-tech nerd that wants P2P be sustainable). If I want the most of my loans to keep the “current”  state, I may filter out loans that are brand new and never paid an installment. When I search for car loans, I can make sure the initial loan to value is below 70%. Doing so, I know the price of the car is accessible to the borrower, and no, it’s not always the case.

worst loans on Mintos
I avoid this kind of loans when I can. This gentleman bought a fantastic Audi A6 some years ago. Now the value of the car for some reasons dropped, but he still has to pay

Do you want me to say if Mintos is safer than other P2P websites?

..I know you want it..

Ok. Mintos may somehow be “safer” compared to other P2P tools for a few reasons. Anyway, I prefer to use it in synergy with different P2P and real estate crowdfunding platforms (beside traditional investments). I also invest in business loans and real estate loans on several websites.
Mintos loans diversification is unique for European investors. Also, the huge number of Mintos lenders is big and growing.
There aren’t 100% safe investments, but Mintos has been doing a good job making P2P investing a more transparent practice (my opinion).
By the way, I’d not allocate all my P2P funds in one platform, not even if that tool is Mintos.
What I certainly do is to avoid the classic beginner’s mistakes.

Who can invest with Mintos?

Individuals and companies can invest through Mintos. Investing as a company may also bring some tax relief. Individual investors must be >18 years old, have a bank account in the EU or third countries considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU. 

mintos number of investors

In any case, Mintos has to be able to identify the investor. Family trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies and other organizations can invest but must have a bank account and be registered in the EU or in a AML/CFT country.

US investors can invest on Mintos by using  a cheap Transferwise account or a Revolut.

Asian and middle east investors can also invest with Mintos in most cases sending money through a Payoneer or Transferwise.

Is Mintos fit for beginners?
I’d say yes. Mintos is suitable for beginners, as long as they are willing to understand what it does. The problem here is not about a smooth usage of the website. Mintos is rather fool-proof… I can use it.
The easiest way to start with Mintos for me is “Invest & access” (conservative) strategy.
Anyone can subscribe, deposit and invest in Mintos since it is built caring a lot about the user experience.
The main issue is if P2P lending (or Mintos) is the right fit for that beginner investor.
I’d say that Mintos it is surely a good additional way for me to invest beside funds, bonds and traditional stuff (let’s leave the jargon outside).
The risk involved, as I said, is not similar to other types of investments, it is just different. One more thing I would consider is a thorough understanding of how it works. I like my readers to understand where their money goes.

Withdrawing money from Mintos

Mintos how to withdraw money
Since when I started P2P I was very suspicious about peer to peer investing and this “Nordic websites”, I decided to test the withdrawal… immediately after sending money to Mintos.
Just to see if Mintos was not…one way only➡️ Now I can say that withdrawing money from Mintos is possible (and it is not a detail). I did it.

The future of Mintos

Are you missing the train? What’s next?

the future of mints p2p revenuelend

Mintos announced three huge news lately.

One is the release of an APP

Mintos Notes

Mintos has released a new instrument called “Notes” that englobes the loans.

Mintos has also recently offered the possibility to invest in bonds and ETFs.

Mintos is now a regulated Platform

This is why it also offre the Latvian 20.000€ investor compensation scheme guarantee

Mintos IBAN

This makes a big difference because Mintos will be like a bank.

The third is that they want to provide investors with a debit card.


Mintos debit card

This is huge. Investors could use “invest and access” and have their money invested at 12% while being able to spend that money instantly with a debit card. So instead of having money idling on a savings account, it can be invested and available almost instantly. I am enthusiast about this news, but I normally avoid mix savings account and investing accounts for now.  

My little fear about all this change?

I fear that, due to rising demand of loans and a heavier structure, the interest paid will eventually come down, but I might be wrong.

🏴 My biggest mistake with Mintos

My biggest fail with Mintos was waiting too long to give it trust and start investing. I was scared to death of transferring money on an unknown foreign bank account. After some years on Mintos I dared to write what I believe are the typical Mintos investor’s mistakes.

▶️ Mintos New refer a Friend Program

Mintos has been ⛔️ closed to new investors for many months while it become a regulated platform.

NOW Mintos is open again!

The also offer a very generous Mintos Promo Code to new investors for a limited time.

The refer a friend program gives 50€ to new investors as soon as they invest 1001€ in loans.

They also give an additional 1% to the investments made in the first 90 days.

Mintos Opinions revenueland

Mintos alternatives and competitors

The closest alternatives to Mintos may be:

Honestly, there aren’t many tools like Mintos, and yes, Peerberry and the excellent IUVO are the most similar, but much smaller in size.

Here is an interesting old webpage from Bondora with some reasons to choose them instead of Mintos:
Mintos alternatives bondora
The first and third reasons are “valid”. The rest are less important to me. I use both in synergy. I believe Mintos has a more complete offer at present.

Compare Mintos to other P2P lending 

These platforms are not easy to compare. To help readers to understand I’ve prepared a (successful) peer to peer comparison table.

P2P social lending comparison table
Click to go to the fast comparison table

Conclusions and Recap⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Where is Mintos: Latvia
  • Birth: 2015
  • Currency: € + 6
  • Minimum investment per loan: 10€
  • Interest: 6% – 19%
  • Loan duration: 30 days to 5 years
  • Secondary market: No more available
  • Safety net: Buyback after 60 days delay (on 95% of loans)
  • Auto-invest feature: yes (good)
  • Bonus: 50€ + 1% ⭕️
  • Mintos is one of my best P2P in Europe list (for now)

This Mintos review may be somehow biased because:

  • I am improving my finances investing with Mintos
  • I genuinely like their project
  • I met them and I’ve got the answer I wanted
  • I’m becoming a fin-tech nerd, and I didn’t think it would happen to me..

My experience with Mintos is good so far.

I have formed my Mintos’ opinion investing myself and collecting information in and out of Mintos. Here is what I found out.

Now forget about me, don’t trust me, collect more information on your own.

I am looking forward to have your opinion.

Now it’s your turn! Have I missed something? What you don’t like about Mintos? What is preventing you from starting P2P?

What is your Mintos review as an investor?


What are Mintos best alternatives?

The most popular alternatives to Mintos are Peerberry, Twino and Bondora.

Where to get the best Mintos promo code?

Mintos is still giving a 1% bonus to the new investors. A full explanation about the safest way to get the Mintos invitation is here.

How safe is Mintos?

Investing in P2P loans brings a fair share of risk but returns are very interesting. Mintos is considered one of the safest P2P thanks to its internal diversification, its guarantee formula, its business model and a trusted management.

What is Mintos “Invest & Access”?

The “I & A” is an automated Mintos portfolio. In order to use this formula investors just need few clicks. The I & A allows an automatic investment in a diversified range of loans. The investor cannot make any adjustment.

What is Mintos hiding to the investors?

Mintos is regulated in Latvia by the FKTK, it is registered under the name “AS Mintos Holdings” with a paid capital of 1M€ (Note: Envestio capital was 2500€…). Mintos is audited yearly by Ernst & Young.

What is the Mintos net annual return?

Mintos on its website states that the average yearly return has been 11,81%.


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39 thoughts on “Mintos Review: My 40.289€ Experience After 7 years How it works

  1. Nuno says:

    Fabulous review
    I invest in Mintos for 1 year now and I share your oppinion about the platform.
    CEO Martins Sulte seems a very competent, inteligent and professional man and he is taking good care of his company.
    I have a feeling Mintos can literaly change someone’s life, not only in the perspective of good profits but also making a person more a saver than a spender, more financialy savy and value more his/hers money.
    I see a bright future for Mintos and my only regreta was not knowing of it sooner.
    Nevertheless everyone should understand very clearly that there will always be risk involved in lending your Money around and DO NOT pour all your money into this new inovative techmologies… one step at a time.
    I have a question for you… Many people talk about diversification and spread their P2P exposure to other plataforma like bondora, robocash etc
    would you agree that being Mintos the biggest, and arguably the best and safest platform, spreading to another smaller companies is INCREASING your risk instead of lowering it ?
    I only invest in Mintos in terms of P2P and I intend to keep it that way as I see na increased risk going into smaller platforms.

    Thank you

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      You just mentioned a neglected aspect of DIY’s investing.
      If my money sleeps at 0,3% on the savings account I find no reason to invest. If I can make it grow then I get some motivation back.

      I’ve decided to acknowledge the risk and invest a bit in P2P beside other traditional investments. Of course savings accounts and P2P investing should never be compared.

      Thank you for commenting and for the nice words, Nuno.
      I try to answer your question from my (investor) point of view.
      I am not a financial planner, so I never offer recommendations, either here or in the newsletter.

      I’ve decided to spread my assets on more P2P tools because I believe it is safer.
      More tools doesn’t mean any tool.
      If you have time to read some of my reviews (or the even more boring newsletter) you’ll find out that I’m not too sweet toward some of the most popular P2P, and I give reasons for that.

  2. Joao Portugal says:

    Last year I started with 71000€ on Mintos. If compound interest exist and nothing changes by 2038 I will have 572.424€ before tax. 🇵🇹Mal posso esperar para envelhecer

  3. Max says:

    Excellent review, even if there are too many lender default risks and no more cashback campaigns on Mintos.

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      I would not say there are too many lenders’ defaults since less than 1% of the money mass on Mintos has been affected by defaults. Mintos is still one of the safest P2P for me after 4 years. Pls share the details of your “many defaults” if you have any.

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      Was Mintos better before?
      I am afraid I don’t agree 100% with you Xavier!
      I believe Mintos is better now in 2020 even if the return is slightly lower (10,9% for me ☆).
      Some of the reasons are: more lenders = more diversification = lower risk, more automations to chose from (I also have a bit of “I&A”), longer track record and the same management team.

  4. sasha says:

    I’ve registered last week after reading this post, I almost had an heart attack when I realized my money were not immediately visible on mintos. It took 3 days (sunday included) to see my 19k in the available funds. I’ve allocated 9k in invest & access and 10k the way you do it in the video above. Almost everything is invested now and 293€ are still idling on my account now. I think it worked fine

    • True from Revenue Land says:

      That’s true Sasha, when I transfer money to Mintos it takes up to 4 days to have it available for investing. I am happy you liked my video (it is one of the least visited videos on YT 👾 ever, but I like it.Hey! It’s home-made).

    • Sal from Revenue Land says:

      Normally 100% but not on all lenders. Consider that lowering too much the APR will eventually reduce the diversification on more lenders. For Example Mogo APR is about 50%, Novaloans/cashforyounow is 1314%, Acema is 5-39% while Dineo Credito is 469%. A very high APR is not always unsustainable. On very short term loans and very small loans fixed costs have a huge impact and that’s normal. In general a lower APR is more sustainable and ethical.

  5. Tommy says:

    Hi. Nice write up but recently I have been researching Mintos and whether to invest with them and the majority of comments seem to be negative. This is the same re the comments on their own website blog. Do you have any views on this and whether it is safe to continue investing when so many are pulling out? Which LOs do you see as strong in the current climate and which are to be avoided?

    • Sal from Revenue Land says:

      I am happy to answer, Tommy.
      I believe we all know investing brings a certain degree of risk. Safe investments are a non-sense in most cases. This is to say that investors know they can lose some money while they earn morn money. This is the game and I’m fine with it. So I earn, I lose and the balance is positive since 15 years, this is why I dared to start a small blog.
      Mintos allows me to invest, so it is dangerous, it is not fixed income. I know that some (small) lenders have passed away and other will follow, but what is important is the positive balance, not the health of the insignificant lender in “Krakozhia”. Mintos will also suffer this crisis (if the lockdown will be too long) but what counts is the positive balance in the long term.
      📌Most negative comments make me smile.
      Not that Mintos is perfect, but in Europe I’ve haven’t found anything better, and I am constantly searching.
      People complain because some lenders don’t pay a few cents on late loans of for some other trivial reasons. I don’t. My plans are long term and I don’t lose sight of the big picture.
      People pulling out money from Mintos (are very few and moved by the worst instinct for an investor = fear) have no experience in investing and should read many more books.
      Mintos and P2P in general offer diversification, so moving from loans to stocks now is pointless. “Double dip” is not a porn stuff and most wannabe stock investors may get burned.
      I’ve adjusted my auto invest strategies on Mintos with the best rated lenders and refining the use of the Invest & access. The same thing on (my second safest crowdfunding after Mintos) where now I only buy loans with LTV below 60% / no refinancing loans / only first charge.

  6. Sara says:

    I can see a bit more late loans now in my Mintos but interests are flowing as usual. I expected a bigger impact from the virus problem.

  7. Ironman says:

    I’ve followed the most of you recommendations and after 2 years I have to thank you. Only 5 late loans (+ than 60 days) out of 873. 10% return even after this market shock. I was not smart enough to buy discounted loans on the secondary market last month. There were “winter sales”. People is crazy, don’t you think?

  8. Anna says:

    Hi, i like the article, well written!
    I am intrigued by the buy back guarantee and not quite sure how it works. I tried to look for answers on Mintos blog, but nothing so far.
    But based on your article you have experience with that, would you mind If I ask you following questions?

    – do all loan providers (that are marked with the buyback shield) pay 100% of the loan back to you? or some of them pay back only a part of it. where can I find more info?
    – do you get a notification prior crediting funds back to your account? or the funds just appear back on your account
    – do you know if there are any accessible statistics about the buyback guarantee, because I could not find any; like how many % of investors actually gained from this safety feature, is this one of the biggest criteria to choose a platform to invest on and so on..

    Thank you for answers!

    • Sal from Revenue Land says:

      Happy to answer as an investor, Anna.
      Yes, all loan providers that are offering buyback (about 95%) pay 100% of the loan back if the borrower is later than 60 days on schedule.
      Yes, the funds paid by the buyback formula will just appear on my account. It is all automated and I can see the process happening (if I want to) in the account statement sections. Everyday I have dozens of buyback and it’s ok.
      Yes, buyback is important, but what is more important is WHO is offering the buyback. The buyback is not by Mintos, but it is offered from the loan originators. So, I spread my loans across many lenders with some Invest & access, but I also pick the best mintos loan originators to overweight the best ones. Some small lenders had problems lately, but the impact on good and varied portfolio was very very limited.

  9. Petr says:

    I would like to ask You:
    You wrote that:
    “Is mintos regulated?
    FKTK (Latvia) is the national regulator”
    This is definitely not the answer for the question. Can You write what regulation is applied onto Mintos, what is the registration number?

  10. Jeorge00 says:

    Definitely happy with Mintos after 2 years. I am adding capital as I feel it is quite safe now. I am making 10,89% year (average on 2 years).

  11. Ed says:

    No crisis flew over Mintos, and it’s lenders,….., that’s the scary part because you don’t know how those two react in such an environment.
    But the newest crisis is about to begin, and the biggest banks default in a similar crisis, 2008/2009. So in fact this, p2p lending, or Mintos is risky business

    • Sal from Revenue Land says:

      Mintos went through a few crisis already and soon will turn 10 years old.
      I get a steady income from it since day one and in the meanwhile many announced the end of P2P lending (that is a risky business indeed, but also very profitable).

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