MoneyFarm Review: Investment Performance UK ⭕️ Is it safe? June 2023

MoneyFarm Reviews

In this Moneyfarm Review you’l find ALL you need to know before starting, plus my personal point of view as a MoneyFarm investor myself.

Is it true that Moneyfarm is performing much better than its competitors?

I have also put together all the bad and positive reviews about Moneyfarm UK.

If you live in the UK or EU, this tool could be extremely interesting for you.

❌Don’t trust me: read what Moneyfarm customers say to decide whether or not to use this roboadvisor.

How much do you earn with Moneyfarm?

What are the net returns on Moneyfarm?

Is it true that Moneyfarm performs better?

It is logical that as an investor I would like to know what are the real Moneyfarm returns, not projections or estimates.

How much do you earn with Moneyfarm” is the first question that comes to mind for those who are about to invest.

Let’s not waste time, the official numbers speak for themselves.

Here is the chart of past returns with a standard 7th level portfolio:

moneyfarm past performance

Portfolio 7 is one of the most aggressive on MoneyFarm and it is also one of the best performant, so far.

Moneyfarm Performance per year

Here are the official Moneyfarm returns for the last 7 years (profile 7):

  • 2021 = 16.4%
  • 2020 =  6.1%
  • 2019 =  19.8%
  • 2018 = -5.9%
  • 2017 =  12.3%
  • 2016 = 22.1%


Here we have a screenshot of the past performance of the MoneyFarm portfolio n°7 in the last 6 years right from the official website:


roboadvisor MoneyFarm uk performance


As we can see, past performance is very good, especially if we compare MoneyFarm with the competitor roboadvisors.

As always, past performance is not guarantee of future results.

What we can surely tall, is that MoneyFarm UK has been doing well since its inception.

I believe roboadvisors in general are one of the best investment ever for their accessibility.

📈 Moneyfarm simulator

It is possible to perform a simulation of how much money you can earn with MoneyFarm right from their website:

simulator Roboadvisor


I find it extremely fascinating to do simulations of this kind.
In the image above, I can see that by investing £500 per month in this way after an initial investment of £20,000, the potential results are staggering.
According to the Moneyfarm simulation, in the worst-case scenario after 30 years I would end up with a capital of £300,000.
At best I would have accumulated and earned well over £1 million.


Video Moneyfarm Review on YouTube

Here is a very complete MoneyFarm review video on YouTube:

Moneyfarm Review UK
MoneyFarm video review

The video above is a perfect explanation of how MoneyFarm works and who should use it.

▶️ Go to minute 10:00 for a summary of the entire MoneyFarm video review and a fast comparison with Vanguard.

🛡Is my money safe with Moneyfarm?

Is MoneyFarm a safe website?

Safety is crucial when investing and I can say that in my experience Moneyfarm is a safe website.

Let me tell you why.

is MoneyFarm safe

All investments involve risk, so this also involves risk, even if it is well managed and supervised.

What I mean is that Moneyfarm invests my money in the markets, and the markets by their nature fluctuate.

All in all, with Moneyfarm I can rest easy on the tool safety side, which is reputed to be safe.

If I wanted to compare security or property investment Vs. MoneyFarm I can say that it is much easier to make mistakes with the former.

100% safe investments do not exist.

Is Moneyfarm regulated?

Yes, it is authorized by the FCA in Great Britain.

This is very important, since we are NOT talking about an investment company registered in Seychelles or Panama, but in London, UK.

The FCA is as respectable an authority, but that has nothing to do with investment security.

is MoneyFarm regulated

This means that the Financial Conduct Authority (i.e. the regulator of UK banks and brokers) has studied what Moneyfarm wanted to offer, made sure that it is a legal service and that it serves the interests of investors and continues to make sure that they follow the standards set.

For me, safety rhymes with transparency. I have to admit that Moneyfarm does everything it can to gain the trust of those who no longer believe in banks. 

Here is the authorisation number (629539) for MFM Management (MoneyFarm UK) at the Financial Conduct Authority UK:

629539 FCA authorisation MoneyFarm uk

What happens if Moneyfarm enters administration?

Not much, as Moneyfarm’s assets are totally separate from those of the investors.

Our ETFs and cash are deposited with a custodian bank, in absolute separation from Moneyfarm’s assets.

MoneyFarm uk default

In case of default, all my money and assets invested will be returned to me.

Saxo Bank is the custodian for MoneyFarm investors in the United Kingdom.

The UK FCA regulatory site reports that the FSCS guarantee fund also applies to Moneyfarm.

Who is Moneyfarm?


Moneyfarm has been offering an independent financial advisory service since 2011.

Moneyfarm is a powerful service for those who want to invest in the markets to earn money, but do not have the skills or time to do-it-yourself.

who is MoneyFarm

The service consists of guiding the user to build his investment profile and then to include the total management of the invested capital according to a hybrid robo-human advisor formula.

Can you be more specific?

Moneyfarm is a financial advisor and a portfolio manager at the same time.

In short, anyone who registers is guided through a process to determine what is best for them.

The user can then carry out a simulation or deposit money to invest straight away.


A real human advisor is always available.

Collection of the most useful MoneyFarm reviews online

MoneyFarm customers reviews can be found on:

  • ⭐️ TrustPilot 4,6/5
  • ⭐️ Google 4,1/5.
  • ⭐️ Play Store 4,2/5
  • ⭐️ Apple Store 4,7/5
  • Financial forum
  • Reddit Users
  • Expert reviews

Here are a few of the most useful comments on MoneyFarm I’ve found online:

Very easy to use. Good diverse portfolios and reasonable management charges. 
I prefer Moneyfarm over some other roboadvisers.


 I like receiving the quarterly market updates and getting notified when portfolio is rebalanced. 


 I can invest responsibly and make sure my money don’t support fossil fuels and further destruction of our planet.


Let’s analyse more Moneyfarm reviews to find out more…

# Moneyfarm reviews on Trustpilot

90% of Moneyfarm users who evaluated the service rated it as ‘excellent’ or ‘great’.

Moneyfarm reviews UK Trustpilot

Hundreds of Moneyfarm users have reported their opinions here, so it is valuable data.

Here are a few interesting Moneyfarm opinions I’ve found:

good opinions MoneyFarm uk

Very few MoneyFarm reviews are bad, and for the sake of completeness I report it here:


moneyfarm bad reviews

In this bad review on Moneyfarm a user is complaining about some tracking cookie issue.

The answer the company gave is excellent for me.

Now let’s read what Google users say about MoneyFarm…


# Moneyfarm review on Google

Here are Google reviews on Moneyfarm UK.

It is possible for users to leave an opinion on financial services like Moneyfarm UK right on their Google MyBusiness profile.


google reviews moneyfarm uk London

Google users voted 31 times Moneyfarm and the average vote is 4,1 stars.

The opinion people have about Monefarm services in the UK is rather positive, so far.

google moneyfarm evaluation

Google users are quite happy with the service offered by this Robo advisor.

Most bad reviews on Moneyfarm are because of the minimum investment to start which is 500 GBP.

# Moneyfarm opinions on Play Store

It is possible to leave opinions on services and apps right into the Android Play Store.

Almost 5000 users have left a review on Moneyfarm App.

reviewing moneyfarm on play store

Most reviews on the Roboadvisor app are good.

# Moneyfarm UK App evaluated by Apple user

The valuation on the Apple store of Moneyfarm app experience is rather good.

1500 people rated Moneyfarm 4,7 stars out of 5:

apple store review moneyfarm

What people say about MoneyFarm on financial forums?

There is an old forum tread on Moneyfarm dated 2017. It is on MoneySavingExpert forum, which was a trusted source of information.

The discussion is focused on “rebalancing” the ETF portfolio and ISA convenience.

Some are very happy with fees and consultancy, others less enthusiasts about the high minimum entrance deposit (that was higher in 2017).

Some users make fun of the name “Money Farm”, others wonder how is it possible that they offer “free managing fees”.

They don’t offer anything free anymore nowadays, since they don’t need to.

Reddit users reviews on Moneyfarm UK

Most Reddit discussions about MoneyFarm UK are old.

Most debates are about the management fees (0,75%) and the type of portfolios they were assigned.

The overall feeling is good, but more expert Reddit users say that they can get the same ETFs on other brokers and save money.

I mostly agree. A trader or ad advanced investor could be able to build a balanced portfolio that makes sense.

reddit reviews MoneyFarm

What is really difficult is to be consistent and to be able to manage market volatility. This is where roboadvisors came in.

Most people just want to invest some money on monthly basis, they don’t want to actively manage their portfolio.

Redditors opinions on Moneyfarm are decent, and investors are happy with their returns.

There are a lot of comparisons going on with other roboadvisors like Nutmeg and also pros and cons of the Vanguard LifeStrategy ETFs.

MoneyFarm experience Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to investing with any platform. Now let’s not waste time and see what the pros and cons of Moneyfarm are.

Let’s start with the negative side of Moneyfarm

pros and cons moneyfarm

The most criticized aspect of MoneyFarm is undoubtedly the minimum investment of 500£ that is required to start. This is its most famous “cons”.

This is NOT for everyone, you need 500£ to start.

Indeed, 500£ can be a lot of money, especially for those who just want to take a test and see how it works.

For this reason, I started with a portfolio simulation, then I invested with confidence shortly after.

What’s bad about MoneyFarm?

  • Not too much action. It just follows the markets.
  • Fees (0,75%)
  • 500£ min investment

Now let’s look at the “PROs”

What’s good about Moneyfarm?

  • It’s easy to use
  • Performance is above average
  • It is authorised and supervised in the UK
  • It is old and tested
  • Management is excellent

The first aspect that I rate as “their biggest PRO” is automation.

Being able to start an investment and knowing that it is managed by professionals 365 days a year is of great value.

My task as an investor is limited to:

  • Feed the investment month by month (if I have chosen a PAC)
  • Nothing if I have invested a lump sum

Another of the major aspects that I like is undoubtedly the reliability of the instrument.

Moneyfarm was not born yesterday, it is famous and established. It is authorised and supervised by both the British FCA.


⚫️ Moneyfarm Bad Reviews

Let’s shed some light.

First of all: who writes negative opinions about Moneyfarm?

The vast majority of customers are happy with the service, but obviously, some (few) are not.


I have analysed the negative comments about Moneyfarm on the major opinion sites. 

bad review MoneyFarm

The main reasons for dissatisfaction among Moneyfarm customers are:

  • Minimum investment of 500£
  • Obligation to accept some online paperwork (KYC form) before doing the free simulation

What can I say, these are reasonable complaints, but anyway, the 500£ minimum is just that but there is no obligation of any kind even if you register and then you don’t invest (of course).

The Moneyfarm customer service is good and fast.

Why do people use Moneyfarm?

The typical profile of Moneyfarm users:

  • Wants to earn money by investing
  • Wants an affordable financial advisor
  • Is eager to get compound interest
  • Disillusioned with banks
  • Has never invested D-I-Y or does not know where to start
  • Doesn’t want to keep money in their bank account anymore

If you find yourself in one of these profiles then also for you (as it was for me) Moneyfarm could be attractive.

Other cases where it might be of interest are:

  • I cash in money from a rented property and do NOT know how to invest it
  • Now that I have sold a house and the money is idling in my account.
  • I have received an inheritance and need to invest it
  • My money is just sitting in the bank account

I wanted to quickly clarify who uses it so you can understand if you are wasting your time reading or not.

In 2021 Moneyfarm has served returns of up to 16%. This is exceptional. Let’s see if it is also repeatable or not


Many start with 500£ and then measure the results after a year or two. I have also used Moneyfarm to compare my annual performance against their managed portfolios.

How many customers does Moneyfarm have?

I sundstrand you don’t want to signup for a service that is used by very few people and this is way you are reading this Moneyfarm review.

A successful Roboadvisor should have a large user base.

MoneyFarm customers number is growing fast.

The strong results of the last 6 years are prompting more and more people to use it.

91,000 customers are using Money Farm in 2023. This numbers up from the 45,000 it had in 2020.

Is Moneyfarm a savings account?

No. Not at all.

Moneyfarm is not a savings account and does not offer fixed interest.


The point remains that savings accounts and current accounts have not offered any return for years.

Which ETFs does MoneyFarm use?

In order to better understand what happens when we invest in a MoneyFarm portfolio, let’s have a look on what is inside it.

Here is a portfolio breakdown of the ETF inside a level 6 portfolio:

Roboadvisor portfolio ETF example

As we can see, 66% of the ETF is equity in this portfolio, so it may be more useful for aggressive or long term investors.

How much should I invest in MoneyFarm?

The minimum investment is 500£.

Below this sum, there is no access to the portfolio ETF and free consultancy.

MoneyFarm suggests 2.500 GBP to begin and get a reasonable diversification.

how much money MoneyFarm

How much do I have to invest with Moneyfarm?

If my doubt about how much to invest in Moneyfarm is related to the safety of the instrument because I am afraid of losing money, then we can say that there are no big risks.
As already mentioned, if Moneyfarm had problems our ETF’s would be safe.

Money is stored in a separate bank account, not available to MoneyFarm UK.
The market risk remains, so the value of our portfolio will fluctuate every day, but this is not a problem for long-term investors.
In the long term, those who invest in balanced and managed portfolios in ETFs like these will, on average, make a substantial profit.

This is why I find it very convenient to invest with roboadvisors.

Which profile do I have to choose on Moneyfarm?

The right profile on Moneyfarm is decided together with the advisor, not alone.

That is why it is easier to make the right choice than in other investments.

I personally choose a long time horizon and a very high-risk profile.

I can afford one or two negative years because then, in the long term, statistically, a good gain is very likely.

If I plan to invest for less than 2 or 3 years then maybe it is better if I choose a low-risk portfolio.

In any case, the advisor will guide me.

The real returns of Moneyfarm are quite in line with market average performance.

Low-risk portfolio profiles are numbers 1, 2 and 3.

High-risk profiles on MoneyFarm are number 5,6 and 7, where equity ETFs prevails.

Younger people might prefer to use the more risky MoneyFarm portfolios.


🛠 Moneyfarm: how it works?

Here is how Moneyfarm works for investors step-by-step.

This is exactly what I did when I decided to use Moneyfarm:

  1. I registered on the website
  2. Filled in their questionnaire
  3. I played a bit with their performance simulator
  4. Made 15,000 £ deposit from my bank account (to lower the fees)
  5. I chose the level of risk (medium/high for me, but it’s good to get advice from them)
  6. Opened a chat with the financial advisor
  7. I started the investment.

That’s all folks.

No more action is required from my side and from that day my money is invested and managed.

I warn you: there’s no big emotion.

It does what it has to do.

  • I don’t have to buy and sell stocks and shares
  • No need to check every day how it’s doing (I might do that, but what’s the point?).
  • I don’t have to balance my portfolio securities (they do that for me)


There are no papers to sign. It’s all online and I really liked that.


Beware: As soon as you register, you will be asked rather delicate questions about your finances.

It is not weird, they need to do it to offer their services.

It is good to answer correctly, but it is not necessary to be ultra-precise. If I have any doubts, I can still write or talk to the consultant afterwards.

Which is better Nutmeg or Moneyfarm (or Wealthify)

What are the alternatives to MoneyFarm?

Is Moneyfarm better than Nutmeg?

The best alternative to Moneyfarm is hard to find today.

This is because the portfolio performance they delivered in the last years make MoneyFarm stand out.

Other services may be a bit cheaper, but for me, performance comes first.

What’s the point in saving 0,1% in fees but losing 1% or more in performance?

Nutmeg is a popular alternative to Moneyfarm, but it is a bit more complex and it also offers stocks that may be a bit confusing for the less experienced investors.


Who is MoneyFarm owned by?

Who is behind this Roboadvisor?

There are popular and less popular names behind it.


One of the largest owners in Moneyfarm is Allianz Asset Management, then we have Poste Italiane, Cabot Square Capital and Catalyst Fondazione Sardegna.

Who is the management team?

Here are the names and some details of the MoneyFarm management board:

manager Roboadvisor

Here are the founders and and a brief presentation:


What are the fees for MoneyFarm?

This is a Roboadvisor, so the good thing is that there are very little fees to pay compared to a traditional financial consultant.

Here are the fees on MoneyFarm:

fees MoneyFarm

As you can see, the more you invest, the more you can save on fees.

If you invest only 500£ you will pay as little as £0.43 to have your money invested and managed.

That’s very reasonable.

Here is a fees simulator:

fee simulator Roboadvisor

What are you paying for?

Here is an explanation of the fees and the services:

fees and services

If I want to buy these services separately online, I would pay much more than this.

How to contact Moneyfarm? Address, phone & offices

It is quite easy to get in touch with someone at MoneyFarm.

The website provides a chat-box

The Moneyfarm phone number is 08004334574

Opening hours are:

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm

Physical offices are here:

address London uk

90-92 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9HS, Regno Unito


More offices are abroad:

offices uk Roboadvisor

Moneyfarm ISA

It is possible to invest tax-free up to 20,000 GBP with MoneyFarm ISA.

A Stocks and Shares ISA are a very efficient ways to grow your wealth without too much work.

Which Roboadvisor is best in UK?

There are many good roboadvisors in the UK, but I prefer MoneyFarm.

This is because, even if they don’t offer the lowest fees, they are simply performing better than the average Roboadvisor in the UK.

If I get a better performance I am just glad to pay the 0,6% management fee.

The best thing about MoneyFarm (which you won’t get with other robo-advisors) is that you are assigned a 100% human investment advisor

This adds a huge value to the service.

Having a dedicated financial advisor is too expensive for most small investors in the UK.
By using Moneyfarm I can have this included in the price.

Is MoneyFarm better than eToro?

These two services are not very comparable, and both are good to earn money.
I have always considered them to be complementary.
With this service I can start a profitable and emotionless long-term investment.
Using eToro, especially if copying other traders or using CopyPortfolios I can potentially earn more money in a short time.
I have been using both successfully for many years.
I would never do without either of them.

 What does it look like to invest with MoneyFarm?

What should I expect from this investment?

I like to say that this is the “Easyjet” of financial services.

When you fly with Easyjet you know it’s a low-cost airline, but after all, the service is good and it keeps its promises.

Moneyfarm is a fairly low-cost service, but not unreasonably underpriced.


Investing with a roboadvisor like this basically means depositing a lump sum (or some money month after month) and forgetting  about it, knowing that someone who knows what they are doing is managing it in the best possible way.

How to close Moneyfarm and disinvest?

It is free to withdraw money from MoneyFarm.

You can ask to stop investing and have your money back on your bank account just anytime with a few clicks from your investing dashboard.

It is also possible to ask for it over the phone or via email.

You don’t have to give any explanation to close an account.

Can I lose money investing with Moneyfarm?

Lose money with MoneyFarm?

Let’s see together if it is possible.

Statistically, none of the users who have invested with portfolios like this for the past 10 years should have suffered losses.

The most conservative profiles produced limited gains since they are protective, while the most aggressive ones have all made amazing profits.

The probability of having a loss after 10 years is minimal, especially because we receive dedicated financial advice.

lose money moneyfarm

Moneyfarm offers various levels of risk, so if you invest in the short term using a portfolio with a prevalence of equity, yes you could get a bad or limited performance.

If I have chosen a very prudent level like level 1, I risk losing little or nothing even during market downturns. If I have chosen a high risk (portfolio 7, for example) I will suffer more during market downturns but profit a lot when they go up (as happened in 2019 and 2021).

However, all portfolios are balanced and the risks are not comparable to investing in single stocks (maximum risk).

If you are used to investing in stocks, you will easily notice that Moneyfarm portfolios do not experience such intense shocks. This is precise because they are all balanced and rebalanced on demand.

Always remember that investing involves risk and that over the years it will be quite normal to experience fluctuations in the value of our assets.

Moneyfarm advert on YouTube (cool)

This is one of the most hilarious yet beautiful Roboadvisor ads ever:

Moneyfarm presents: The Quest for Investing Peace - 60" TV advert 2022

What I like about this Moneyfarm advertising message is precisely that what we need is financial peace of mind.
The opposite of what they want to sell us with trading, where it seems that you only earn by buying and selling securities in a frenetic way.
With a roboadvisor you can relax and still make money.

Moneyfarm experience: Let’s sum up

Is MoneyFarm worth it?

In my opinion, it offers an honest and efficient service.

The average returns you get with them are very high compared to competitors.

Moneyfarm for me is one of the best ways to start an automated investment at a reasonable price.

If you are in search of a simple way to get your money invested (properly) and to be assisted to start the process, this tool may be right for you.


Now it’s your turn!

What is your MoneyFarm review?


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  1. Jason @ London says:

    I’ve been with Moneyfarm since last year: excellent and better than other roboadvisor apps I’ve tried myself.
    The most complete moneyfarm review, btw

  2. Forhave says:

    I was really surprised by the performance of MoneyFarm, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to invest there.

  3. Techy says:

    I was really surprised by the performance of MoneyFarm, I’m sure it’s safe to invest there.

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