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Mintos alternatives? My 7 sexiest picks ✔️?

mintos-alternative-p2p revenueland

Focusing too much on a single P2P lending marketplace is never a good idea …even if that P2P is Mintos ⭕️ There are good Mintos alternatives nowadays but there are things I wanted to know before choosing my next peer-to-peer lending platform At the end of this short read you will know why, if & how […]

Is P2P Lending safe? A daring risk comparison


My dream is to invest without risk Unfortunately investing is never 100% safe Peer to Peer Lending is anything but safe ( wish🌶it was) ..but it can be transparent Let’s find out if investing in P2P loans is safer than other forms of investment and if P2P lending is safe or not ⚠️ Warning: I’m […]

⭕️The Bondora Review 2020 after 4 years + 13% [video-setup]

Bondora review revenueland

Bondora has been generating very good passive income to thousands investors for 9 years already. ▶︎ Yield can exceed 15% yearly, but…you’d better follow this set up instructions first. It is powerful, don’t rush and use it wisely! My review on Bondora and my safe set-up. Is Bondora better than Mintos or Twino?

★ Mintos Review after 4 years ➔ My 31.499€ experience 2020

Mintos Review opinion from RevenueLand

True rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Relative safety:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Average return: 11% 31.499€ in 30 years? 721.084€ Go to Mintos website now Mintos Review from RevenueLand To know before investing Mintos allows me to invest in thousands of loans worldwide straightforwardly. The average loan interest ranges from 6% to 19%. I spread my investment on a good number of loans. […]

⭕️ Mintos Auto Invest How to Setup in ⏱ 1 minute (Best Strategy +11%)

mints review strategy promo

▶︎ 10k€ invested can generate roughly 1k€ per year ✅, without much supervision. Mintos auto invest can make “passive income generation”. Here is a 🕐 quick set up guide to Mintos Auto-Invest. ✅ An unbiased review and how I use Mintos for interest above 12% (choosing rather safe Mintos loans)

Iban Wallet – Review [⚠️Beware, it’s NOT a savings account]

Iban Wallet Review

You are going to read everything about Iban Wallet The ugly truth and also some potential benefits Iban Wallet is not a deposit account. Period. Iban Wallet is quite new, it is a “hands-free” investment service, but (☢️warning) there are a lot of things to know WHAT IS IBAN WALLET? Iban Wallet is a website […]

Would you invest €1 million in Grupeer? Interview with Grupeer CEO Alla Kisika

how to invest one million in grupeer revenueland

I asked Grupeer CEO: Would you invest 1 million € in Grupeer? Let’s read the answer in this upside-down interview! Alla Kisika from Grupeer 16th July 2019 What is Grupeer in few words? Grupeer is a P2P investment platform offering business loans and development projects all in one place. What are the advantages for investors? […]

Bondora secondary market optimization procedure ➜ How to sell defaulted loans

How to sell defaulted bondora loans switch to go e grow

How to sell my defaulted Bondora loans? Who can benefit from a Bondora secondary market restructuring procedure? What to do with late P2P loans? I’ve never hidden my enthusiasm about Bondora P2P. I know how to use it and how to lower my default rate to the minimum. I make  steady profit with Bondora together with […]

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