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How to invest like a digital nomad

Invest like a Digital Nomad revenue land

Digital Nomads often feel smarter than the average population but …when it comes to investing they have “a bug” ➕ How should a Digital Nomad invest his money? How many Digital Nomads are planning their retirement? If you are a Digital Nomad and you don’t know how to invest your easy-earned money (..was it hard? […]

Why investing in startups can be a bad idea

why-invest-startups rocket launch

The “average Joe” wants to invest in startups because he knows he can become a millionaire with a limited investment Is that true? Sure, it is. But.. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide if startup investing is good for you and how to do it properly. Startup investing is potentially one of […]

How to invest money: [DIY] essential guide

Ho to invest money

Reading time: 19 min. Gathering information to learn how to invest our own money should not be so difficult Actually, it is My two goals: writing a complete guide on “how to invest money D-I-Y” and make you walk out of this page with something actionable (if not, I failed) I consider generating cash flows that are […]

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