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What brought you here?

Are you looking for smarter ways to invest online?

You’ve come to the right place

Here, I simply share my knowledge about building additional revenue flows

It’s fine to work for money, but it’s also fair to expect money to work for us.

I don’t feel safe exclusively relying on the income coming from my active work. What if I can’t work one day? I need more streams of income.

There are many good passive income blogs around, and I suggest you check them out.

My speciality is to focus on the right use of my tools, more than anything else.

Many struggle to understand why saving and investing is crucial, and then struggle again to find the right tools and manage them.

I concentrate on the solution to the second problem.

Because once I decided that I wanted a second stream of income, I stopped lingering on theories and I focused on how to get the job done.

…Primum vivere, deinde philosophari…

I am also a Peer to Peer lending fan, like the most of wise  “Do-it-yourself” (DIY) investors. (Wiki)

I don’t write about something I wouldn’t use myself.

I am solely responsible for my own investments.

My profits are the reward for making the right choices all by myself and I am proud of that.

If you really want to, you’ll read more non-essential info about me at the end, by scrolling down this page.

I am building my future financial peace by building passive income streams … and this sounds like a beautiful old web scam

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What is “Financial Independence” for Wikipedia?

Financially independent people have assets that generate income (cash flow) that is at least equal to their expenses.

In other words:

Even if one quit going to work, one can still be supported for decades using the cash flow generated by the money and the assets owned and managed.


You do me a favour now:

When someone promises that you can soon become financially free through Forex and online trading, you'll run away. The chance of success are just too low for a number of reasons. Click To Tweet

Also avoid cryptos, ICOs, binary options and MLM.


What RevenueLand is All About

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned in the last years, and what made me a better and freer version of myself

I have also found out that it is possible to live a full “slower life” with more free time. It’s enough to be willing to gain some specific knowledge and managing money and debt in a different way.

Earning more money does not seem to make anyone any happier.

Wealth is also time, not only money.

Money is renewable.

Time is not.


Trading time for money revenue land


I’ve decided to invest my money to save time

How could I?

I have been an active investor and a trader for a long time. I still do trading but at a different pace.

When I started trading stocks it was just for the challenge, not for money. Being a trader makes you feel smart and alive. I love it. But…

Everything changed the year I started to plan to live off my online activities.

It wasn’t my decision. It happened to me.

One day, the company I was happy to work with went belly up.

Inexplicably, I felt relieved, not terrified.

Suddenly, I also felt guilty for that nice feeling and sorry for my wonderful friends/colleagues.

The logic wanted me to be totally devastated and looking for the same job in another company, but I didn’t do it.

I was anything but devastated.

What I did was start to set up things to mitigate the impact

I was lucky because I had zero debt, some government support and enough savings to relax a bit and think.

What have I really wanted to do?

What were my basic needs?

What was the cost of my life and how long would I be able to support myself that way?


My resolutions were:

– To go back to study

– To manage my finances in a new way

– To travel more

– To learn more

No regrets

Most good things in life are just free or cost very little but I also like to feel financially safe. So I keep investing and searching the most profitable ways to invest with a low management effort

I love working whenever I want, and I manage my assets to grow it



I also realized that trading stocks for a living is not for the faint-hearted, so I decided to:

– Train my mind to become stronger

– Grow and diversify my online income

This journey brought me here

I make some time for writing and sharing my path with like-wise people. You.

I decided to share only solid information and avoid the rest.

The web is full of unproven assertions; there is no need to add more mess by my side.


How RevenueLand can make you save, invest and become financially peaceful?

Easy answer: I can’t.

It’s all up to you.

Most financial super-guru say:

“To invest successfully, all you need to do is…”

If only it were that easy…


But, Yes, I can inspire you.

Now I know how to maximize the use of some passive income tools, and I freely share most of what I do

As I said, I am a great fan of fin-tech, especially social lending.

I still need to do some active work, and I enjoy it very much, so early retirement is not on my radar for now.

I don’t share my income nor my progress towards financial independence.


I don’t measure my success that way.


Ego-validating blurb below…

Somebody may also like to know that:

  • I have 75 stamps on my passports
  • I’ve co-founded and bootstrapped an aviation startup
  • I live between 2 countries and I have lived in 6 cities
  • I have been a profitable trader for 37+ months in a row
  • I have jumped out of an airplane
  • I drive a green 1965 Vespa
  • I support microcredit
  • I might have a “type A” personality
  • My Grandfather was a lumberjack
  • I have completed 10-days Vipassana
  • I caught the biggest barracuda of my bay

Play is what I do for living. The work comes in organizing the results of the play.


Investment opportunity is now

I agree.

This is the best time in history to invest or start a business.

Choice is huge. It’s up to us.


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You are not here by mistake.

If you’re reading this today there is a reason.

The reason is:

You Are Ready


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